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Small Pen*s Club - (males, females and non-binary welcome)

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by +TenPercent, Feb 3, 2021.

  1. Hard Mode

    Hard Mode Fapstronaut

    I can see that. Very interesting to me how many small guys that seem to get elections from being reminded that they are small.
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  2. Yup. Happens almost every time. Its a major turn on / trigger for me if a girl gives even the slightest hint that she thinks I’m small. (or if I feel like she’s blowing me off in favor of a more masculine man)
    Also, being reminded of my size often triggers an erection, or a stronger erection if I already have one, if only to make it just a little bit larger :rolleyes:

    Kind of a sad, really, given that my maximum length is 4 1/2 inches and having a raging hard-on only makes it that much more clear that it’ll never get any bigger :oops:
  3. Hard Mode

    Hard Mode Fapstronaut

    Yes, it is sad but I know you can't help it. It's like your little prick is straining to prove itself even though you know it's totally futile. My penis, for instance, is over 5 inches when fully flaccid. You will never be able to compete with that.

    You're a cool dude, tho. You know what you have and you are dealing with it. You accept the hierarchy of life, even if it's not always to your advantage.

    I like your attitude. I think I could be friends with a small bro like you.
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  4. Hard Mode

    Hard Mode Fapstronaut

    Bro, I think this was something that you NEEDED to hear! You really needed to snap out of your illusion and face the fact that you have a very small penis. I think that girl actually did you a favor, for sure.
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  5. modernstore99

    modernstore99 Fapstronaut

    Not sure if people look at this thread anymore but I have some thoughts.

    1. I have personally experienced women who have said things like...
    • "That guy has BDE, I wanna fuck him"
    • "I wanna get stretched out"
    • "If he's under 6 inches he's calling me an Uber home"
    • "Honestly the size just does it for me"
    ...and then during sex, these same women will complain I'm going too deep, they need more time to warm up, or that the sex just isn't that good or it hurts because they're too tight! Do women lie to make men feel bad? No! Just like guys, women talk big game about their sex lives and what they dresire simply to show off. Just like guys who brag about all the girls they have sex with when they really enjoy cuddling more, women will brag about liking big dicks when they can barely fit two fingers. If you're hearing women in media/entertainment talk about penis size, don't listen at all because that's just for show and money. If girls you know personally are talking about dick size, take it with a grain of salt, and remember how much men brag about sex too.

    2. I like to think I have a "perfect" penis size and shape, yet I still rely much more on my hands and mouth to make women cum. Out of all the times I get women to cum, only about 1/4 of them are when my penis is inside them. Moreso, about half that time I'm rubbing the shit out of their clits in a way that makes them cum normally, so those might not even count.

    3. When it comes to women cumming from PIV, it's more likely they know what they want and what to hit than you have a good penis or good technique. Women who prefer to cum from PIV often masturbate much more and know how to please themselves, so during sex they can tell their partner exactly what to do. However, if they need a very specific sensation or position to cum, not every guy can handle that, which can make the women kind of grumpy and critical. For example, I once had sex with a girl who really liked doggystyle sex and said I could get her to cum that way. However, my penis has an upward curve and a tough time bending down, which is how the vagina is shaped during doggystyle. I couldn't hit that perfect spot for her because my dick just wasn't right for her, and she was a little cranky and not the nicest. Was I upset? Of course not, some people just aren't sexually or physically compatible. If it doesn't work you just gotta move on. Funny story...an old roommate of mine had the opposite type of penis, one that curved down. We found out because we were arguing over favorite positions (I prefer missionary types and he likes ones from behind). We found out it was because of penis shape. We made a joke deal that if either of us ever hooked up with a girl who liked the positions we didn't like, we'd send them down the hall to the other guy! (Never actually happened, once again men and women like to joke about sex, I would definitely not hook up with a girl who was about to have sex with my roommate but didn't because his dick was not the right shape, and same for him)

    4. Women are not naturally revolted by small penises or feel the need to belittle them (no pun intended). Girls I have been with and my current girlfriend are fascinated by my penis when it is small and limp. My current girlfriend loves to inspect it after sex and when it's cold outside. Women who make fun of penises either do so for social clout or because they're mad about something else. They think they're cool, just like us. When you get a woman to hold your 2 inch, shriveled, lifeless penis, and say "This is so cool!" you'll feel a lot better about your size. (Trust me, a lot of girls would love to do this)

    5. Making women cum is all about stimulating their primary sex organ. It's not their vagina. It's not their clit. It's their brain. If you make her feel sexy, wanted, and free, she will be curling her toes in pleasure before you even touch her. Once she's relaxed, wet, and focused on you, she won't be able to notice how big your dick is at all. Get her brain to the edge of orgasm, and it won't matter how big you are.

    6. No matter if you're doing it with your hand, mouth, penis, or toy, looking your woman in the eyes, holding her, and feeling her cum feels completely the same. Some like it different ways, but everyone's preferences can change for people they care about.
  6. Amen to that!
    This girl was really hot and I often regret that I blew a 2 year relationship by freaking out over this. She dumped me :(
    Maybe if I hadn’t been a total basket case going back and forth between “I don’t need you anyway” and “Please! Take me back!”, we could have found a way to make it work.
    Sure, she’d had sex with 3 other guys (all hung) during that time, but I still think we could’ve made it work. :(
  7. Hard Mode

    Hard Mode Fapstronaut

    I think you're right, little bro. Had you just been able to accept that she sometimes needed to "stray" and find a real dick, you might have been happy together for a long time. No one can be everything for their spouse, and you clearly could not fuck her the way she needed. But you surely could've provided her with most other things in life: love, laughter, security, adventure...
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  8. I made love to my girlfriend last night and didn’t have PE! :cool:

    I nearly lost it every time I thought about how small I am, and how loose it feels sometimes (has she been with another man, or as @BrokenHeart 2 suggested am I not feeling as much because I masturbated way too much?)

    it wasn’t easy, but by some miracle I managed to last for 15 - 20 minutes amd ultimately (the ultimate result) I was able to just finish her off and not have an orgasm myself. :)

    I know I’m still small but it felt really good to be able to get really busy with her and not blow my load within the first few seconds :):)
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  9. Hard Mode

    Hard Mode Fapstronaut

    That's cool, @+TenPercent ! I'm glad to hear you had some success. Being small AND premature was really a double whammy for you. Maybe now you have overcome one of them. This gives you even more reason to stop playing with your little prick.
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  10. Hard Mode

    Hard Mode Fapstronaut

    @+TenPercent , I am still curious, do you think that she too in the back of her head was thinking about how small you are while you were inside her? I'm not saying she didn't enjoy making love to you, I'm sure she did. But do you think she was fantasizing about a larger penis when she came?
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  11. I really don’t know …
    I would love to hear from some women about what they think about while having sex.

    I really try to be present when making love with my girlfriend, but in all honesty, sometimes I do imagine other women (perhaps a really sexy woman or image that I have seen recently).

    also, there are times when I might conjure up an arousing thought or image in order to maintain an erection and, even more often, that I try not to focus on the sexual pleasure of the moment in order to avoid premature ejaculation.
  12. BrokenHeart 2

    BrokenHeart 2 Fapstronaut

    I mostly think about how I'm feeling or what I think the guy is thinking or what he might like. That was before discovering porn addiction. Then it became thinking about the disappointment of he's probably thinking about porn or masturbating or probably can't even feel me or is thinking about some other woman or hell maybe even a man. Porn addiction consumes my thoughts when having sex with him a lot. I sometimes think about other men now. Now I still think about those things but I really just think about getting off. So I guess what we think about can change.
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  13. Thank you for sharing that. It really helps.
    I used to think I was such a “nice guy” - I was shy. Never unfaithful. Always more than willing to use condoms. I imagined myself to be smart and funny and sweet, and respectful- a welcome relief for women who might have had bad experiences dating “bad boys”.

    Yet I had a huge collection of porn and made no effort to hide it. :rolleyes: I thought I was just a “highly sexual person” who was mature and comfortable with sexuality. :rolleyes:

    How sad. :(

    I can only imagine (now) how much it hurt them to see me pouring so much energy into porn. And not being able to get hard enough for penetration. And struggling to stay hard. And not being able to orgasm. I thought I was SO generous in giving them oral until they had an orgasm and not insisting on one myself. I thought I was SO giving … but in reality, I was addicted to porn and needed that and my hand to orgasm.

    How pathetic. :oops:
    I have no doubt that my small penis was part of the problem. And, it might be why I gravitated to porn in the first place. But ultimately, the real problem was my behavior and my actions.

    I have little doubt that the real reason why I was so aroused by fantasies of being locked up in a chastity device, is that DEEP DOWN I knew what my problem was. I was hooked on masturbation and needed to STOP!
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  14. According to my counter, I've made it to 200 days without porn or masturbation (to orgasm)! :emoji_lifter:

    I'm very grateful for this thread and the participants. You all have really helped me to better understand myself and to continue moving forward with my recovery.

    I often feel like I have such little control and sometimes it feels like my small penis is a physical indication of my weak will and powerlessness to resist porn and masturbation.

    And, it is true that I have frequently not been able to resist sexual fantasies or the temptation to look at women in sexy outfits. I have been triggered many times. I have succumbed to masturbation many times in the past 6 months, but somehow stopped before orgasm. During sex I have prematurely ejaculated after just a few seconds, and there was one time during the past six months when I was unable to control myself during an awkward "clinical" situation and ejaculated much to my own humiliation and to the dismay of the woman who was just trying to do her job (performing a male brazilian wax).

    BUT, despite my weaknesses and powerlessness, there has clearly been some strength. Oh, how I have been tempted to MO and to look at porn, but somehow I've made it for 200 days . . . and counting. :)

    Thank you again for helping me to stay accountable!
  15. modernstore99

    modernstore99 Fapstronaut

    Sorry I'm confused but are you saying you have been engaging with porn and masturbation without orgasm in the last 200 days?

    Can you also elaborate on your objective sexual dysfunctions?
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  16. 201 days without looking at porn.
    None. Zilch. Nada.
    Doing good on that front :)

    and 201 days with an orgasm (or, more specifically, without emission) from masturbation …

    but, in some ways that’s not such a huge feat. As a PMO wanker, I would masturbate for hours, sometimes 4 hours or more without orgasm (because I was trying to save it / build up for a bigger O)

    I have been having orgasms from sex. Trying to retain semen, at least to some degree, and have only had a handful of emissions in the past 201 days.

    My struggle is masturbation. I know I shouldn’t, but I have a hard time resisting the urges :(

    and, even though I can masturbate without orgasm, I can’t control myself during sex and struggle with premature ejaculation :confused:
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  17. modernstore99

    modernstore99 Fapstronaut

    Stop masturbating. It is continuing to hinder your recovery. If you are able to quit for at least 100 days, normal sexual function will be on the horizon in just months.
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  18. Agreed. I did manage to go about a year without stroking it (my default method of masturbation) but my "won't power" has been weak lately.
    Also, I see this as a process. My first attempt to quit masturbating was over 10 years ago. That was really messy as I was still fantasising, looking at porn and edging :rolleyes:
    It's been a long, slow recovery of two steps forward and one step back, but I'm genuinely porn free now, and haven't MO'd in a long ass time! :cool:
    But touching helps not at all and neither do the fantasies that I slip into.
    Looks like I'm in this thing for the long haul!
  19. I received a PM recently from someone who read all 12 pages of this thread and felt inspired to reach out to me.
    (Hopefully she'll post soon and join the discussion . . .)
    I am SO grateful for this thread and this forum. It has helped me to learn so much and to find a little peace and humility in regards to my small penis. I feel really supported and I am grateful that this thread has helped others as well. :)
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  20. Day 0 without masturbation. Dammit!!
    I only made it 4 days.
    I need more accountability.
    i Will post here everytime when I relapse with masturbation :(
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