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  1. What's funny about it? I'm serious my pen*s is two inches now.
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    LOL! OK, but how would it get smaller from wearing a face mask??? I Don't get it! What's the correlation??
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    Okay, before we go crazy, let's check a few things in this article:

    1) Swan's research relates only to "male human babies who had been exposed to the phthalates in the womb." Leaving aside whether her research is accurate or has been duplicated or peer reviewed, which the article doesn't say, her research says nothing about exposure as an adult -- e.g. from a mask. One would expect a significant difference for exposure to a developing fetus as opposed to a fully developed adult. Maybe there could be an effect on adults, but it probably wouldn't actually shrink a penis (as opposed to in the fetus where it may inhibit development in the first place). In any case, no research or evidence is cited that indicates adult exposure to phthalates (or anything else) actually shrinks a penis.

    2) The linkage in the second part of the article is even more tenuous. First it cites a study that face masks are a source of microplastic pollution. Although the article is published, it has not been peer reviewed. Microplastics are small pieces of plastic, less than 5 mm (0.2 inch) in length, that occur in the environment as a consequence of plastic breaking down after being discarded.

    The statement that "Microplastics contained within face masks are .. [a source] ... of chronic health problems to humans" is also misleading. The health problems cited don't come from inhaling or ingesting microplastics while wearing a mask, but from ingesting microplastics that come up through the food chain from being ingested by animals and fish in the environment that we in turn ingest. Wearing a mask is not a source of health problems.

    Further, the article goes on to say that microplastics "contain .. phthalates." But then later on it notes only phthalates "potential existence within face masks." The author doesn't know whether they are in masks or not! In any case it notes that "those toxic chemicals can be released during the degradation processes (either chemically or biologically) of plastic polymers in the open environment." It does not allege such release occurs while the mask is being worn -- only after the mask has been discarded in the open environment.

    3) The final statement is just a red herring: "The link between phthalates’ effect on male fertility and its potential existence within face masks has not been clearly explained by U.S. health officials or members of the pro-mask Biden administration." Since no scientific study actually alleges any link to begin with, what would health officials be explaining?

    Bottom line: WEAR YOUR MASK! They don't cause penis shrinkage, but they can prevent you from spreading or dying from COVID!
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    Thank you for that. I didn't even know where to start responding to that article.

    Please wear your masks, everyone.
  5. I don't know man there's still something about masks that still make my pen*s shrink and turn me off but then again I only have to wear one at work or in church so I don't think this will affect me too much. That being said I feel like I still loose an inch everytime I put one on.
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    Microplastics are definitely a huge issue going forward in relation to healthcare, fertility, nutrition, and pollution.

    The most eye catching one is related to male fertility and penis size, and the short answer is yes, micro-plastics are making men less fertile, not allowing males to "masculinize" completely in the womb, and making our dicks smaller.

    Here's a good one from the NCBI:

    If you don't believe Biden or the government, then have a look at one of the Manosphere's most popular manfluencers, Joe Rogan:

    So yeah, microplastics and pthalates are fucking us bad, and it's getting worse.

    HOWEVER, the microplastics inhaled from wearing plastic facemasks is way less severe than that you encounter in water bottles, food, and daily life. They pose a minor problem compared to the pandemic. Even after the pandemic is over, healthcare workers, construction workers, and other employees will continue wearing the same masks because the microplastic exposure is negligible.
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    Yes. Thank you!
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    I completely agree with this. They are a terrible problem for the environment, but as you note too, there is little risk from them associated with wearing a mask. They are not a reason to not wear a mask.
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  9. Hi all,
    I’ve been super busy lately and haven’t spent much time on NoFap lately.
    Still 200+ days without porn or getting myself off (MO) and about 40 days without an O.
    Hope everyone in the SPC is doing well! :)
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  10. @+TenPercent Welcome back I honestly think things are a bit hectic for me in all honesty. Had a bad relapse and felt drained physically and emotionally.
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  11. @Dioplleo_547 Relapses are always draining. But they don't destroy you, not completely. That means you can get back up and get stronger every day :cool:

    And . . . you're already at 2 days! Keep up the good work.
  12. Still going strong without P or MO.

    Recently had lunch with an old friend (female, very attractive) who knows that I have a small penis and wondered if she respects me less because of it. :(

    Posted this in the dating section but it also applies here:
    So, I have a VERY attractive female friend (beautiful face, body and personality) who is 10+ years younger than me and we've been friends for 10+ years . . . and yes, I would say that she has friendzoned me :) (that dopey smile seems appropriate)

    This woman really seems to enjoy the fact that she has many male friends who she knows are "in love" with her and is happy to keep them on the hook. Sometimes I wonder how she can manage having so many friends in her life, but I would still consider her to be one of my best friends.

    We've often talked about dating ups and downs and a few years ago I confessed to her that I have a small penis and
    She laughed a little, but didn't seem too surprised and we've stayed very close friends since. :)

    Here's the question: Do you think that she respects me less now that she knows that I have a small penis?

    In some ways I feel genuinely relieved that she knows my secrets. It's nice knowing that someone knows my worst secrets and still accepts me as a friend. :)

    However, I saw her recently and she came across as pretty bitchy and really full of herself. She was going on and on about how skilled and competent she is (she has been more successful in her career than me) and I felt really inadequate as my self-esteem isn't nearly so high. And then it hit me - I'm usually considerate and try not to brag or boast too much, but maybe she's not too worried about making me feel inadequate because she doesn't respect me as much as she used to - now that she knows that I have a small penis.

    Just curious if anyone, especially any women, has any insight on this. Do women automatically respect men less if they know that he has a small penis?

    I genuinely hate living with this secret and feel like it would haunt me less if it's out in the open . . . yet I always end up keeping it a secret out of fear that people, especially women, would respect me less if they knew that I have a small penis.
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    Mine is 4 inches when Errect:). idk but I don't care about it nor I feel bad, because this are all genetics and the things which we can't control. I'll Put down an Interesting quote down here:

    'Size doesn't Matter but the Skills Does'.

    Hehe, Peace!

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    Nah Bro tbh that doesn't make any sense to judge a male depending upon his size lmao. Alright, tell me One thing 'Will You loose respect for a women with Small Breast Size and butt?'
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  15. I love small breasts and butts!! :)
    … and large labia :p

    But I have definitely heard women (and men) make fun of guys for having a small penis.

    How many times have I heard jokes about guys with big trucks or fast sports cars (or big muscles, gun fanatics, big spenders) making up for a small penis … the suggestion in those jokes appears to rest in a shared understanding that a man with a small penis is inadequate because he has a small penis.
  16. I will admit that I do like fast cars, airsoft, and first person shooters I work out (no big muscles yet) :( I think most of these jokes if told by a man are psychological projections. One of the funniest things I have ever experienced was when a buddy of mine said people who play video games are cowards because they don't actually go to war. But the minute he saw a bug he ran away screaming ironically enough the best way to deal with a wasp is to remain calm around it any sudden movements could be taken as a sign of aggression.
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    I was re-watching "The Big Sleep" and there's an exchange between Marlowe (Humphrey Bogart) and Jones (Elisha Cook Jr.).

    So Agnes is loose again, huh?

    How'd you know that? She's a nice girl. We're talking about getting married.

    She's too big for you.

    That's dirty crack, brother.

    Got me to thinking about the whole concept of big and small. On one level, when Marlowe refers to Jones as "little man" or "little guy," which he does repeatedly, he is talking about stature. Cook was only 5'5". But there is also attached to it a concept of weakness. When he says Agnes is "too big" for him, he is not literally talking about stature -- the actress who played her, Sonia Darrin, was only 5'3."

    I think Marlowe is saying that as a "little guy" any woman is too big for Jones. And Jones, rightly, feels he's being made fun of. But, on the other hand, he doesn't really try to dispute Marlowe. His attitude makes it clear, he doesn't deny Agnes is out of his league.

    There are a couple of nuances to this though that occur to me. First, it's not like Humphrey Bogart was so much a big guy, himself. He was only 5'8" It shows what attitude can do for a guy. I have a hard time believing Bogart was ever called a "little guy."

    And, in the film, Jones actually eventually earns Marlowe's respect by sacrificing himself to protect Agnes, not that she deserves it. Then again it's clear Agnes doesn't much care what her little man did for her.

    So it shows there is hope, I guess, for a little guy - either through Bogart-like bravado or true sacrifice. Although maybe not the latter with women. Even in death, Jones' sacrifice doesn't get a moment of sympathy from Agnes.

    So how does this relate to this thread. I don't know, but I just pretty much assume a little man in height is more than likely a little guy in the pants too. I wonder if others make that same assumption. And even more I wonder how true it is. How many of you little guys on here are also little in stature? Just wondering.
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  18. Great question. I imagine that being short of stature is very distressing for some men, while others weather it well.
    I’ve heard plenty of women say that they prefer a taller man / that they would NEVER date a guy who is shorter than themselves.

    It seems that it is more socially acceptable for a woman to express preference for tall men than for hung men. Many who say “size doesn’t matter” will say that height does :rolleyes:

    Personally, I am tall in stature. I have had women tell me that they expected me to be a lot bigger and I feel like my height is misleading :oops:
  19. I saw this in a few posts from other people as well. I also saw a video (for which I have been trying to find an article to validate if it's real information) that achieving a healthy erection once a week was more important for completely stopping shrinkage.
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