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  1. In other news …
    I’m facing a dilemma.

    years ago, as I was going through puberty, I also had to do physical therapy for an injure knee. It was hard having those raging hormones while doing boring things with pretty women, sometimes having them touch my thighs and me wearing short shorts.
    Also … I’ve had a few accidents at the gym where I have ejaculated while riding exercise bikes. Honestly, it gets me every time and I don’t know how other guys don’t cum with their legs moving back and forth, shifting the penis until it’s rubbing agains their inner thigh.

    and, I’ve had past experiences adolescent experiences being left alone and bored in sterile office settings.

    So, imagine me now doing physical therapy in sterile office space (the clinic) and being told by the pretty therapist to ride the exercise bike … trifecta!! :eek:

    Well, that happened. I really really felt like I might O - that would be so humiliating! I tried to hard to think of other things, or even change the direction / speed of pedaling but the thing would beep if I didn’t keep a steady pace and I could feel my penis rubbing back and forth, back and forth. My heart rate was probably over 150! :eek:

    Survived somehow. But I’m almost certain we’ll do it again tomorrow.

    I feel really good right now. I don’t want to set myself back and feel weak after masturbating. But I’m really tempted to MO in hopes that it’ll decrease my chances of being utterly humiliated tomorrow.

    it’s rough having such a sensitive little prick :(
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  2. I can relate to this as well I am three inches and it is extremely sensitive, sometimes I get turned on just by walking I am just grateful I never came because of it.
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  3. I can relate, for sure. Sometimes my penis feels like an oversized clitoris, and exposed to too much friction or pressure.
    From experience, I know that once I ejaculate in one circumstance, then its much much more likely to happen again. Even if no one sees, it's extremely frustrating every time I cum in my pants and then having to spend the rest of the day feeling drained and wearing sticky underwear. :oops:
    Afterwards, I feel weak and ashamed. :(
    (It happened probably close to a hundred times and sometimes I will intentionally spill something on my pants to cover up the wet spot. People must think I'm really clumsy)

    And then there's the times when someone did see . . . so humiliating!! :eek:

    Finished the book. In the end, the meek wife finds out and gets back at her husband (by ruining his life, not by cheating herself).
    Even though the sex scene was very arousing - the most triggering part for me was just before. The gorgeous sexy friend totally bullies the pretty wife . . . right in front of her husband! This part was told from the husband's perspective who just marvels at how effectively and easily this woman dominates his wife - and with the wife quick to apologise and cower before this alpha female. She's humiliated. The husband loses respect for her. The sexual tension between the friend and the husband builds and builds until he just can't take it anymore and it ends in an explosive and animalistic passionate sex scene!
    Again, the sex scene was pretty intense and I got caught up in the build up . . . but it really was the scene were the wife gets bullied by her friend that was like a gut punch. I think it touches on something extremely primal in our nature - knowing that the dominant males and females have a reproductive advantage and there's probably nothing worse than being bullied in front of your partner - a clear demonstration of status - a clear signal to your partner of your sexual inferiority.

    It reminds me of a time when I saw a young guy getting beat up in a park by another guy. It was over in a few seconds with the defeated guy walking away, looking crushed. And guess who who the girl walked away with?

    It's interesting to know that it was a woman who wrote this book . . .
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    It's about the level of intimacy not penis size. Especially for women, they are are all about mental connection, this is what turns them on.
  6. Oh man! I am sorry you have to deal with this! I have to deal with constant boners which is uncomfortable and embarrassing but I am glad I never have to deal with stuff like this it even really effects how I behave around women, if I am around women and I get extremely shy around them. You would think that as a guy a boner would give me confidence but it is the opposite.
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  7. Bump …
    There’s a guy on this site who’s looking for help with this issue. So I’m bumping the thread to make it easier for him to find us. :)

    @Dioplleo_547 I think boners are embarrassing for most guys, at least when they happen in public. I’m usually mortified by the possibility that someone will see it (and have been the last guy out of the classroom or the office many times for this reason) but is it really that noticeable with a small one?
    Imagine all the guys with big dicks … it must be really terrifying to get a boner for them! :eek:

    I’m super grateful for this group and hope everyone is doing well! :)
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    the fact that lesbians are able to scissor each other to "O" should tell u enough
  9. I think they enjoy showing it off, at least that is my experience with BDE guys
  10. I just looked at my penis for the first time today it looked a bit bigger, so I measured and now I am 4 inches flaccid!

  11. How big is it when fully erect? Has that changed?

    Growing up, we learned (from each other) that some guys were “growers” with small flaccid dicks and some guys were “showers” with big flaccid dicks but that most guys were about the same when fully erect - six inches being the average lengths.

    (And oh how I would stretch my penis or push that ruler into my ball sack to try to reach six inches!:eek:)

    Ive always been a grower. When it goes from 1” flaccid to almost 4.5” erect … that’s a lot of growth.

    I remember one guy at summer camp who had about 6” flaccid. I stared in awe at that penis every time he was naked. I’m sure we all did! But then one day he got a boner (in front of everyone!) and I was dumbfounded to see that 6” flaccid penis rise up into a … 6” erect penis. The whole thing didn’t seem to grow or thicken at all!!
    Now that guy was a “shower”! :D
  12. It's about 6.0 erect now. I am glad to be average size but also a bit worried.
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  13. 6.0 erect and 4.0 flaccid is a good sized penis - but maybe you feel like you have small dick energy? Maybe having an average sized dick doesn’t feel right to you? Or maybe you’re just used to what you have and it doesn’t feel right?

    If I’m honest, as much as I admire and respect big dicks, I’m not sure what I would do if I woke up with one. Even a 5.0 inch dick wouldn’t feel right for me (despite being 6’0” tall), I just don’t know what I would do with a bigger one. I’ve had a small one all my life and on some levels it just feels right that way. :)
  14. Curious. What should that be telling me/us?
    I do recognize that women can achieve orgasms without a big dick. I’m my life, I’ve probably given hundreds of orgasms to the women that I’ve been with, but always by using my mouth (mostly) and my hands. I can’t recall one time that I’ve given a woman an orgasm with my penis alone.
    Hmm. You might be right. I’ve definitely noticed men with really big bulges. It makes sense that they’d want to show it off! :p

    Personally, I get extremely anxious at the prospect of someone seeing me with an erection. Then that person will know my secret! :eek:
    I can’t cling to the hope that they’ll think “oh, maybe he’s a grower” or “maybe he’s just really cold”.
    Also, on a different level, I’m terrified of getting caught in public with a boner for fear that people will think I’m a pervert.

    I wonder if that’s different for big guys. Can’t say I’ve ever seen a well endowed man sporting a raging hard on in public, but if it were to happen would they be less embarrassed even though it’s harder to hide?

    Also, I wonder … are people more likely to be offended, or think a guy is a pervert, if the guy with the boner has a small one?
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    as i was trying to say in a wierd way i dont c any big deal with anything,
  16. Yeah, it’s probably not nearly as important as some of us think.

    I probably shouldn’t have done this but …

    I googled penis size and what women prefer. Interestingly a number of sites and interviews with women showed that most do prefer larger than average (especially for a one night stand) or at least average. Some noted how a big penis can be too big / painful and how smaller men are sometimes the best lovers, and often the better choice for long term mates - more focused on giving pleasure and more willing to give oral.

    The bottom line is size does matter … but not as much as most guys think.
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  17. and 27% of the women surveyed said that they had ended a relationship because of the guys penis size. A few of those because the guy was too big, but most because he was too small.

    There's much more to this "size doesn't matter" BS than women want us to think.
  18. So what is the point you are making? Does size matter or does it not matter?
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