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  1. Thank you, baby. I am proud of you too, embracing your reality.
    I think it is important that you accept the reality --- you do indeed have a small penis. Not a micro-penis (like the 1.5" one I have) but rather a smaller-than-average one likely not capable of totally fulfilling many a girls needs...and that is ok. Accepting things as they are is the first step to improving on them. There are so many ways to please a lover, and embracing that aspect is more important than wishing you somehow, someway, anyway...had a larger, man-sized, pleasure giving penis that will make your lover won't. But that does not mean you can not give pleasure. Smaller guys must get more creative in bed, especially with a lover that is used to 8, 9, or 10 inch c*cks.
    I think, also, your need to share so openly your thrill about women knowing you have a small thingie is has elements of
    BDSM and cuckolding, your submissive curious side and thinking about big, hung, manly alpha males....but we have no need to dive into that here right now. I know for a fact that it is the easiest thing to pick out in a room a guy that is packing "weaponry"....his confidence just exudes and it telegraphs through the space he occupies. Guys pick up on it, of course, and many men are attracted to the BDE that an alpha puts out.
    EXACTLY!!! You are no more or less of a person...I agree. Of course!! Accepting that the "tools" you have to work with are different (smaller) than some other mens "tools" is just a start on the pathway to love-making and pleasure improvement. Embrace your tiny pee-pee, and figure out how to get and give pleasure with it.
    You ARE a sweet guy, and a very doting boyfriend I bet!! I am thinking that, if you put you mind to it, you'd be an amazingly skilled oral lover (for women and alpha males, if you are possibly thinking about that). "Pounding" is probably not ever going to be your top skill, but that is a nice size for tasting and comfortable snuggle-fucking for some women. You just need to find the right girl who wants that. Not everyone wants to be spit-roasted daily and limping around afterwards!!

    For me I have found my happy comfort zone in the 8"-10"+ category, but thats just me. A 6" and 7" is, well, kinda ho-hum unless the guy really knows how to kiss and seduce.

    I think you just need to be creative and you will find the right woman to have a loving and lasting relationship.
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  2. BDE is way better than LDE.
    Truth. that I think about it, there is no such a thing as LDE ("little d!ck energy").
    Little guys come off as little, It can't be faked. We know. Conniseurship.
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  3. “Snuggle fucking”! I love that! :)
    What a great expression. Or maybe just “cuddle sex”.
    There’s hope for me there. :)

    I can do PIV if it’s slow, and if I can take breaks for giving oral if I get too close to O.
    But you are absolutely right @LouBee and it’s good to hear it from a source outside of my head …

    Sex Machine I am not. If I try pounding a girl and get start thrusting feverishly, next thing you know I’ve pulled back too far and slipped out (perhaps one reason why I gravitate towards more experienced women - it’s easier to get back in) and if my partner ever starts getting into and thrusting against me - I’m done for. Instant PE. When I sense that my partner wants to be pounded, it turns me into a two-pump chump. :oops:

    Interesting. In my experience women just don’t notice me (no energy?) or … they really do seem to notice me (I’m an attractive guy!) and they smile and flit their eyes - but my inability to move forward from that point (small dick energy?) quickly turns them off, often with a certain knowing, teasing dismissive glance.

    And then there’s all the times when girls just start talking about other guys, share TMI or get half undressed in front of me, as if I’m one of their girlfriends … what’s up with that?
  4. Oh my do not know, do you.
    No girl does that to a man she sees as a real man, and a sexual-energy alpha male would NEVER put up with that. You emit a vibe (like so many guys do, and likely a huge proportion of the NoFap man-boys here) that says "I am scared, not confident, unsure...meek...etc". So, yeah, you go into the "friend zone" or, worse thing possible, you actually do really become one of her "girlfriends"...which is the death-zone. Basically, you're've been marked as "no interest, no thrill, no sex" type of man...but you're not seen as a man. You will never be source of sexual interest, but you might be someone she toys with between lovers just for entertainment or pity.
    Yes...and no.
    Just make sure you don't end up being a guy-friend that she hangs out with between real lovers. Unless she cares to include you in it when it happens.
    Worse, you are just a plaything. Protect your heart.
    TRUST is really easy to pick up on uncertainty, lack of confidence, or discomfort. Real capable men have no need to overdo it...they just see what they like, lean in and press forward (but not in a cocky jerk dickehad way) and in doing so, just telegraph information that conveys authentic confidence in themselves and the tools and talent they bring to the potential.
    Also, it really can't be faked. You have it or you don't.
    What can you do to over come this?
    I have had little luck having great sex with little guys...for the reasons you just described. It is sad to watch the desire in their eyes vanish as they once-again fail to produce.
    I have no advice how to fix it.
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  5. Here’s a question for the group:

    (I’m asking for a friend who PM’d me about this)

    Any tips for a guy who has a hard time talking to girls, is easily triggered by certain body parts and frequently gets boners when talking to girls?

    Personally, even though I know that my little boner wouldn’t be blatantly obvious, I’d still be mortified and would probably turn bright red in the face! :eek:

    Anyone else have similar challenges or tips to get over this?
  6. I can fully relate to this.
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  7. Awesome Spike

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    Since this group is for members with small packages. I was just wondering if members with large and long packages are welcome to this accountability group or not , kindly point me in the direction if so
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  8. As far as I know, there is no accountability group specifically for well hung guys. But, you’re welcome to participate here. There’s a lot of posts on this thread, but we’ve had a couple of men with larger than average cocks post.
    All are welcome in this thread and I think we can all learn from hearing the perspective of others. As I have learned here, there are a lot of challenges that come with having a big cock.

    For example, just today I saw some pictures of myself in a seated position and could not take my eyes off my crotch! Usually, I don’t have to worry about my penis bulging through my pants, but in these photos, there was just the saddest little bulge poking out between my thighs - honestly it looked like I have just one testicle in that bulge, or maybe some large pussy lips. These photos are out where all my coworkers can see them and the way my super obvious little bulge shows … it’s just humiliating!! :oops:

    I think now I know how women feel when they’re caught in a photo where their boobs look funny. And I can’t begin to imagine the challenges of a hung guy who’s cock is practically on display anytime he’s wearing pants!
  9. I’m really struggling with those photos and how my little package (when flaccid, balls and all, it’s only about half a handful :oops:) is so prominently displayed!

    The photos will be part of a presentation … so I’m going to have to look at them again, while my coworkers, all female, are looking at the same time! :eek:

    (this brings up traumatic memories and I can imagine people giggling and me turning bright red with embarrassment, or maybe me just get awkward, then turning red, trying to play it off as people start giggling … quite possibly escalating to the point where I end up compulsively masturbating.)
  10. Awesome Spike

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    In my own opinion I think it's an amazing and wonderful feeling when you have found someone that has accepted everything about you whether big or small or whatever you have. We as human beings don't know how lucky we are to have someone like that, nowadays it's really hard to find people who are like that. whether your boyfriend has a small penis or the sex between you two is not satisfying I think it's better to have a calmly talk with your partner and talk to him how he can satisfy you more and as guys we must accept our girlfriends for who they are, we must accept everything about them whether small or big asses or small or big boobs, fat or slim tall or short . Cheating on your partner should not be an option, in this life it's hard to find a partner who's willing to accept you as you are, so it's best to talk with your partner.
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  11. "Pounding" is probably not ever going to be your top skill, but that is a nice size for tasting and comfortable snuggle-fucking for some women. You just need to find the right girl who wants that. Not everyone wants to be spit-roasted daily and limping around afterwards!! @LouBee

    Update: currently at 45 days without an O (or M, though I have edged a few times and looked at that one SPH video a few weeks ago). I feel pretty good! It’s been too long since I’ve had a 40+ day streak going. :rolleyes:

    I did try “pounding” my girlfriend a few nights ago. It’s a lot of work!! I’m definitely more of a snuggle fucker. Slow controlled strokes … enough to maintain an erection (while she gets manual stimulation of the clitoris) without putting me too much at risk of premature ejaculation.
    “Pounding” is a delicate balance between PE from too much stimulation of my sensitive little penis … and having to repeatedly pause - without losing an erection.

    My #1 rule for success is that she has an orgasm. I Didn’t have one but she did … Success! :)
  12. Grateful to have made it through the edging-esque experience of PIV without an O. I’m a few days past that now, haven’t slipped with M or P (49 days without an O, 33 days since I watched that sph P) and maybe I can have more of a karezza PIV experience soon. :)
  13. When flaccid, mine is way smaller and when it is erect it gets more than double of its flaccid size, I should say 100% larger to somewhere around 5 in. My flaccid penis is way smaller, like young kids I should say :p This thought drives me crazy and makes me socially uncomfortable. I think I should get rid of the belly fat around navel, which is like an inch of extra fat, and if it can get removed my penis will be the only thing that comes out start from the chest and abs in the plains going down.
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  14. Wear briefs. The more fixed in place your erection is, the less awkward and noticeable it is. You’ll still be aware of it, but it’s highly unlikely that she’ll be able to tell. Maybe hang out with your female friends more often. Go out for coffee or something. You might get an erection, but carry on with your conversation and just let it go. Also, look at her face and not down at her breasts or her butt. Women aren’t objects for you to lust over.
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  15. Thank you for your response. I get mine waxed so it really does look like a baby dick when flaccid and that of a prepubescent boy when erect (my ex used to tease that I was hung like a 14 year old) :rolleyes:

    This might sound like a bad idea, waxing it to make it look like an immature penis . . . but there are many suggestions out there that removing the hair makes it look bigger. ;)

    Plus, it really looked pathetic with a full bush - especially in the flaccid state, on a cold day, when my 3/4 inch dick could barely be seen in all that hair!

    And yes, I absolutely agree. The penis size does not really change as we gain or lose weight, thus getting body fat down will help "reveal" a larger penis.
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  16. This is great advice. And, as one woman reminded me . . . most women wouldn't even notice the bulge in my pants, nor will they be trying to check me out down there as she said I give off "small dick energy". My problem is that if I start to get an erection, I quickly get embarrassed and can feel my face getting redder. This triggers more arousal . . . and more embarrassment. It can quickly escalate to a panic attack and/or a compulsive need to masturbate! :eek:

    This question really was for a friend on here, who has a more average sized penis, and who has unfortunately dropped off the site. Still, it's pretty solid advice.
  17. 62 days without an orgasm. About to break my first real streak of 63 days, but this time around I’ve had PIV twice. :cool:

    All in all, doing pretty well … just not today. Today I’m feeling really small and pretty sad :(
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  18. Take a long breathe, go take a walk.
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  19. 63 days without an O today. Just tied my 4th longest streak ever!
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