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  1. 69 days without an orgasm. Have had sex a few times, but didn’t orgasm. Feels great. Doing really well … most of the time.
    Despite not MO’ing for 2+ months, I definitely have a masturbation addiction and struggle with that a lot, sometimes masturbating for awhile, seemingly unable to stop myself, but also not taking it to the point of orgasm. :confused:
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  3. 75 days without an orgasm. My only porn since 1/25/21 one 5 minute video that I watched about a month and a half ago. No, make that 59 days ago (thanks counter!).

    Hasn't really been a struggle the last couple of weeks. LIFE has been a struggle! Maybe that's part of why I've made it through . . . just too busy and worn out to act out with edging or fantasies.

    I have been extremely aware of sexual stimuli. Not getting caught up in it, or fixating on it, but dang have I seen a lot of sexy women (or sexy body parts) lately. See it, let it go, move on.

    I wonder if that could be another signpost of recovery? More attraction to the more ordinary women that I see in my day to day life (in warm weather with lots of skin showing).
  4. 82 days without an O. Been going strong. Sometimes feel as if my sex (orgasm) addiction is just gone. Not really edging. Not really fantasizing. Attracted to women yes, turned on by them, but not fixated on that.

    then I edged. Just a little bit. Felt almost foreign to have my dick (my hard little dick) in my hands - so rigid and bigger than flaccid …

    and now, a day later, im experiencing weird sexual feelings at work and feel like it’s about to … well, you know … ejaculate.
  5. And . . . after nearly a year and a half in the Accountability Partners Forum … this thread got moved to a new forum. Not sure why, or by who. But, whatever. It’s helped me enormously. I have looked at porn only once since this thread was created in Feb ‘21.

    Maybe being in a new forum will breathe some life back into this thread. :)
  6. Hi. I'm not small but I'm insecure because I'm not big. I continue to advertise the forum in my signature because I still believe that Acceptance and Improvement can coexist. I haven't found Acceptance yet.

    i had more things i wanted to say, but i couldn't word them properly so ig i'll say them later
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  7. I kinda wish the media (movies,tv) would start "normalizing" guys with small dicks. They have so much power over how we think, and all they use for is to normalize goofy fetishes and stuff. Imagine how much insecurity they could relieve.
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  8. Agree. I remember a brief period, when I was going to the movies at least once a week and it seemed like every movie was showing straight up dick (one was a sequel to American Pie) and, of course, all the dicks were big, if not huge.
    I know it was done for shock value more than anything, but why not show an average penis?
    Or even a small one?
  9. Nearly 100 days without orgasm or masturbation (97 today). For a little while there, I was feeling great - as if free from this addiction. Aroused by all the women in summer clothing … but not hooked on it.
    This past week, I’ve had cravings- craving the rush of sexual arousal. And I’ve also had that “need to cum” feeling - the one where I’m very tempted to edge / or feeling like I might just blow a load in my pants.

    This morning it hit me on my way to work and I literally had a moment of panic wondering if I’d have to call in last minute to go home and change my pants! :eek:
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  10. Never actually had a spontaneous O while awake, but I've come close a few times. Haha I had a wet dream a few days ago and it injured my urethra. Imagine if that had happened in public.
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  12. I’ve had it happen in public more times than I care to admit :oops:

    and I like the idea of people with similar insecurities helping each other out … hence the founding of the Small Penis Club ;)
  13. 105 days without an orgasm . . .

    But I have to confess that I have been avoiding sex with my girlfriend. Considering my inadequacy, not having sex doesn't help anything. I should at least be more forthcoming with oral service.

    In theory, karezza will relieve some of the pent up sexual energy. I have experienced that. But I'm also left with a fresh memory of the delightful feelings and will crave masturbation and the release of orgasm in the days after having sex.
  14. 110 days without an orgasm.
    Last time around I had a “dry dream” at day 111 - I think I had an orgasm in my brain, but didn’t spunk my shorts. Woke up with dry sheets and spent the whole next day feeling euphoric, like I’d just gotten laid :)
    Something kinda similar this time at day 108 - found myself extremely aroused at night, all night, and was almost sure I’d have a wet dream. But I didn’t. And day 109 was rough - I constantly felt like I was about to have an involuntary O. Definitely not a fun feeling to have at work!! :eek:

    Today’s been better. Coming up on my three longest streaks of 125, 129 and 134 days …
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  15. 126 days without an orgasm. Now I’m in the Bermuda Triangle of Hard Mode for this is the 4th time I’ve found myself in the range of 125 to 134 days and I have yet to make it past 134 …
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  16. More good news - made love with my girlfriend after way too long and, though I was very worried I’d lose control, I managed to not orgasm.

    It feels so good to give her pleasure, and to feel such pleasure - all while holding back from orgasm. It’s hard to put into words how good it feels (almost like some sort of extreme edging) to be able to stay hard for so long and really enjoy the sensations of PIV without blowing it all on the brief rush of orgasm. In the moment, it feels fantastic imagining that I can make love nearly as often and as long as I want! :cool:
    Yet, one orgasm will set me way back.
    And, I might struggle over the next few days as if I’d done some serious edging.
    Still, so grateful for the karezza and happy to be on day 127 without an orgasm. :)
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  17. Congratulations on being able to enjoy this time with your girlfriend. It sounds really cool to be able to do what you described.

    I have read some of your posts in the past, and I think I remember you mentioning some discomfort after either edging or having sex without orgasm. This topic I am curious about.

    Does the uncomfortable feeling go away after a certain amount of time? Like say for example you were having sex and got pretty close to orgasm, but didn't do it. Is there any serious side effects to this? Do you do anything to make the uncomfortableness go away? This worries me that if I ever tried this technique (karezza), that I would end up feeling so weird and uncomfortable afterwards, that I would end up masturbating anyways just to relieve my anxiety/discomfort.
  18. Yes. It does go away. Sometimes it doesn’t even come.
    My goal is to not masturbate … no matter what. When people screw, the goal is often to orgasm. In Karezza, the goal is connection, not orgasm. In theory, if done properly, karezza will relieve pent up sexual energy. In practice, it can be tricky. I really should be making love with my girlfriend more often … this last time was the first time in nearly two months!
    There’s a risk with karezza that I will mess up and cum. I have to accept that possibility. There’s also a risk of getting too much gratuitous pleasure out of it. I need to focus on giving pleasure. If I focus on how good PIV feels on my penis … I’m in trouble. I’m either going to cum or I’m going to end up feeling like I just did some really intense edging. Because of these risks, I often avoid PIV. For the most success, I need to accept these risks … and try not to focus on my own pleasure. :confused:

    It takes practice. This last time wasn’t so bad. I didn’t really feel edged. I also have to be careful not to reflect on the pleasurable sensations in the day or two after. I have to just let it go.

    At the end of the day - if I’m crazy horny after karezza … it’s my fault. The best thing to do is NOT masturbate and it should pass within a few days.
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  19. Thanks for the detailed response. Yea I guess if/when the time comes, I will think about it then. I had a thought in my head today that in order to avoid the orgasm, I would just tell the girl I will give her orgasms with my fingers and mouth haha, and just not have sex.

    But the thing is, when I am in the moment, am I really going to say no to the sex part? And during sex, am I really going to not focus on my own pleasure? Maybe if I truly fear the energy loss from an orgasm, this will inspire me enough to do this

    Well, thanks again. Nice to hear someone's perspective on this
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  20. 138 days without an orgasm. My penis feels bigger, even if it isn’t. Balls are definitely bigger :cool:
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