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    I have a small 6 × 5 package but who cares? I'm never gonna f*ck anyway.
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  2. Why not?

    6 x 5 is a good sized package
  3. Hey, hope all is well… I was wondering… what do you think about during sex in order to prevent orgasm?

    Do you just focus only on giving pleasure to your partner? Do you use a condom during sex?

    If no condom, do you use any penis numbing spray or anything like that?

    This seems really hard (yep, on purpose) to do … to have sex and not orgasm, especially on a longer streak

    Do you have any special mental techniques you use?

    Thanks for reading! And hope your streak/life is going well
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  4. you for sure can have sex someday. Just implement a self improvement program, including eating healthy and regular exercise. And get some decently nice clothes. Maybe take a public speaking class
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  5. Need to update my signature . . . I'm at 146 days without orgasm or masturbation, which I define as masturbation until the point of orgasm. I have had multiple slips of masturbating (playing with myself) to experience arousal, but not pushing it beyond the point of orgasm, though sometimes to the very edge . . . thus "edging". Lots of anxiety today and very tempted to edge. It may sound masochistic, but sometimes blue balls feels preferable to anxiety and I feel a desire to create that condition. :rolleyes:
  6. I try to be present with partner. That's all. If my mind wanders, I'm apt to lose it and orgasm. No tricks of thinking about other things to try to get aroused or stop from getting too aroused. I also try not to think about how good (amazing) it feels on my penis. I try to focus more on how good it feels to be connected with her and how our bodies feel good together.

    Yes. I try to focus on my partners pleasure (all the feelings of pleasure, not just sexual pleasure) and not on my sexual pleasure.
    No. We do not use a condom during sex.

    Nope. We have used a numbing cream in the past - but more often than not, it seemed to trigger premature ejaculation with me. I think it triggered me, especially as she chose it. It got me to focus on my feelings of inadequacy around premature ejaculation and having a small penis. :oops:

    Yes. It's very hard. In some ways I think it might be easier on a longer streak - as if my body is getting used to not ejaculating . . . but also much harder at times, when I feel like I'm about to blow. Staying present is my main technique during love making. Making eye contact is definitely helpful!!
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  7. Thanks a lot for the info :)

    and your penis isn’t too small, at least it works

    some of the best martial arts guys on tv (like Jackie Chan) they weren’t big guys but they were great at fighting!

    Maybe look at your size in that way ;)
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  8. 153 days without an orgasm. dang, that’s a long time.
    kind of wondering when I’ll get a wet dream :rolleyes:
    I’ve definitely had some pretty erotic dreams - usually visual, like seeing a woman with unrealistically arousing breasts. That happened last night, but I also had a dream about being humiliated by a group of women and got very aroused.
    Craving more arousal (and maybe release) this morning.
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  9. Went 154 days without an orgasm (even during sex with my gf), but then slipped and had an orgasm during sex.
    It’s been awful! :(
    I’ve felt irritable, tired and week. Chaser effect hits me with powerful urges to masturbate and have another orgasm. I’ll be fine for hours or a day … and then start stroking as if I can’t stop myself. Haven’t had another O yet …

    but feel like shit and starting to CRAVE some SPH. I could really use some help to get through this tough transition.
  10. Now at 9 days without an orgasm. It continues to be really rough! :(

    Expectation is a fortnight. Arousal has been frequent and intense. The urges have been unbearable. All from one orgasm! :mad:

    I’ve barely held on. Resisting the temptation to MO and “get it out of my system “
  11. 13 days without an orgasm. It’s been slightly better the past few days.

    But … dang I get triggered when I see my penis, especially when it’s fully erect. It just looks so small and pathetic :oops:

    Super triggering. Ugh.

    But, comparing what it’s like now, to what it was like at 100+ days - I hardly ever edged then and my penis hardly ever triggered me. I’m sure it was the same size, but at least my balls were always nice and full … it actually felt bigger.
  12. 174 days without masturbating . . . so I guess I'm near three weeks without an orgasm. It really is true, the first two weeks were rough, but the urges subsided this week. Not gone. Not week. But less powerful, less frequent - less all-consuming.

    It's come to my attention that I will need to re-evaluate my decision to not orgasm. Simply put - it's putting a major strain on my relationship and that is more important to me. So, I will have to stop avoiding sex with my girlfriend :)oops:) and stop holding back from orgasm during sex.

    All that might sound just wonderful to most readers, but I am a masturbation addict and an orgasm addict. Having orgasms during sex is going to make me crave orgasms all the time and it will make my struggles with masturbation - yup, you guessed it - more powerful, more frequent - more all-consuming.

    Wish me luck! I need to give up masturbation entirely. It will likely be harder moving forward.
  13. 189 days without MO. Is this recovery or is it obsession?
    I have been having some PIV sex and had one orgasm 35 days ago. Since then, my gf has been insisting that I have O’s with her.
    Is my no O obsession more important than my relationship? Nope. But now that I’ve decided I can O during PIV, I struggle with renewed urges to masturbate!

    Part of me feels like I should never masturbate ever again. Partly as a way to make up for having a small penis, and for having masturbated thousands and thousands of times in my life already. :oops:

    Often times I think it’d be better to MO and reset than to suffer the urges and cravings … but with such a long streak, now over 50 days past my second longest, I struggle with the thought of giving up that streak.
  14. 195 days without masturbation. Continuing to struggle with the temptation to reset. Ugh. Rough few weeks.
    Anxious today about how my bulge, or lack thereof, will show in a bathing suit. That’s always been an uncomfortable thing.
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  15. 197 days without masturbation. And 43 days without an orgasm.
    It’s great in many ways. And I know that masturbation is terrible for me. And I do want to have sex with my girlfriend (with orgasms) But it just isn’t happening. Feeling stuck. Feel like I need to reset. Maybe the chasers will spur on the drive to have PIV with my girlfriend.
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    getting some time away from this stuff makes you less concerned about your size and while some girls may not be for it there are also plenty that are. we dont do this for girls but if you do you are way more likely to identify a bf/gf that will not judge you. im sorry the world fetishez bigger parts its silly. but its a constant move to descredit the individuality of everyone by making certain features of the body that people didnt have to earn the holy grail of sex. i spent years washing my brain with all kinds of excuses as to why id never find a girl cuz of my parts but the ones that dont care are more than the ones that do
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  17. 6 days since I masturbated, over 200 days since the time before that.

    its tempting to MO again. The SPH craving came on hard, maybe even worse now?
    When I did MO, I did it upside down, in the bathtub and shot it into my face and mouth.

    Why did I have to do it that way? Why not just MO like a normal person?

    Felt a lot of anxiety today. For a significant part of the day, I felt like I might need to MO no matter what. It’s such an icky feeling, but I resisted my body calling me to retreat to a safe space and have that release.
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    Last time I measured I was 6.2-6.3 inches long, 4.7-inch in girth. I know it's average, but I still feel insecure about it.
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  19. I masturbated on Friday (Saturday morning) and tempted to do it again.
    Just shows how powerless I am over this addiction! :oops:

    I need to be strong right now - to face things in my personal life. But a wank will leave me weak.
    I need help! Even after almost 200 days clean, just one wank and I can barely, no let’s be honest, I can not control my urges to masturbate. :(

    And, now that I am in relapse - I am SO very tempted to look at porn, too.
  20. Masturbated a few times lately. Ugh.
    Even with 100+ day streaks, once I masturbate I can fall back into that pattern so easily. Then I just want to masturbate all the time. I start planning on when I can masturbate. And soon porn gets tempting again.

    Also, jealous of someone for having a smaller penis and the experiences that they had.

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