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  1. Yeah it can be hard sometimes to think that way. Hopefully it is something we can overcome eventually.
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    Hopefully yeah, I'm still thinking that PMO has some effects on the shape, size, etc. Sadly, I have never done more than 14 days,so I have no idea if anything will change within more than 14 days; for example, months or a year of NoFap.
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  3. I'm not quite sure if it does. I haven't measured in a very long time. I never thought that no PMO would affect the size. I might have to experiment!
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  4. There have been quite a few threads on this topic (i.e. does NoFap increase size) over the last few years. Results are mixed. Some insist that it gets bigger, others not so much.
    Mine did get longer - I broke 5 inches erect for the first time! . . . but then it got shorter and I reached 4 1/2 inches for the first time. :oops:
    Flaccid length generally longer, or at least the same. My balls have definitely been "fuller" and that has been nice. :)
    Many other factors come into play - temperature, activity, stress levels, frequency of sexual activity, diet, hormones, body fat. Overall, I think my penis definitely functions better without porn and masturbation.
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  5. I'm curious if anyone else thinks there might be a correlation between penis size and sensitivity?

    The clitoris is the female equivalent of the male glans/penis and has the highest concentration of nerve endings in the human body. Obviously the penis glans is very sensitive . . . and it makes sense that all of us have roughly the same number of nerve endings. Could it be that a smaller penis is more sensitive because all of those nerve endings are condensed into a smaller surface area?

    I ask this because I have often experienced extreme sensitivity when I go for a long period without stimulation which has led to discomfort and awkwardness during everyday activities, premature ejaculation and even involuntary emissions.
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    I never thought about this cause I've got a decent size dick already, but now I notice that my dick is hanging lower and also thicker when flaccid. Definitely looks bigger and makes a bigger bulge in my pants. Can't say though if I've seen any change in length when it's hard.
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  7. Trigger warning . . .
    I once dated a girl who told me that I wasn't allowed to masturbate to thoughts of being with other women. She said that it was wrong of me to imagine having sex with them when I was too small to pleasure them in real life. But . . . she would let me masturbate to photos of her, a few sexy ones that she had sent me.

    I know that's a little twisted, but I can also say that the thought has helped me to not masturbate at times. Years ago, I confessed to a female friend that I was masturbating to thoughts of my female boss . . . and I was immediately chastised for it! :oops:

    Thing is, that was the beginning of my 129 day streak. Has anyone else had similar experiences? Has anyone else found it helpful to be told by women that masturbation is not okay, or that it is wrong to masturbate to thoughts or pictures or certain groups of women? Not that I have followed the 10 commandments, but one of them is Thou shall not covet thy neighbours wife . . . what is most porn, fantasy and masturbation if it is not coveting a woman that will almost certainly never become your wife?
  8. 20 days without an O today and over a hundred days without porn. Feels like it's more of a struggle than it should be. I've been getting arousal at work, and much more arousal at night than I'm used to.
    Could be stress, or Spring. Probably both.

    Anyway, just checking in with my peeps. I am still getting PM's from a few guys on this topic, but not so many posts on the thread recently.
  9. is anyone here used enlargement products ?
    did you get any results? you like it ?
  10. Have you tried any?

    I won't lie, I definitely looked in on it whey I was younger. It seemed like any effects were short lived or had side effects.

    Eventually I got so hooked on SPH that I wanted it to be shorter, not longer! :D

    I think the best solution is to accept what you have.
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    It's really weird for me since I'm a grower, I start off at like 4 sometimes 3 then add like another 4 inches when I'm erect. Last week I measured and it since I'm on a streak, not only was it the biggest it's ever been, but It felt very sensitive. If you're asking about where it's sensitive the most it's of course around the glans. I never really use the base of my penis for pleasure. Idk if that tells you what you're looking for? another example if I get a random boner with my trousers on, then the tip will face away from the fabric it would be rubbing against. Maybe that's the difference as to why it might be more uncomfortable for you?
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  12. Mr Rn

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    Listen I got into that genre too, It has nothing to do with your size, porn is just fucked and will take anyone who is vulnerable.

    Thinking too much on it will get you no where
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  13. i got results but after nearly a month of using it not too much but acceptable.
    (for an cheap and poor made product)

    the product i was used it was lubricating gel with enlarging effect, i got around 2cm grow maybe,
    but it has rash and flaming feeling after a while,
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  14. Lynx93

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    What product is it? I would like to try it. Any recommendations?
  15. Despite the rash and burning sensations that @Cassiel Addams reported?

    @Cassiel Addams was it simply a gel that you applied to your penis? No suction or stretching device? Did the 2 cm last?
  16. Yeah it lasts
    Yes It was an lubricant gel.
    I buy it from pharmacy.
    No suction or stretching device
    But according to the instructions i massage the gel like a stretching jelqing to the top also with o shaped fingers.

    I apply it twice a day as its instructions said.
    After few minutes i felt a little pain on my penis, from inside the body, then some itching (i have allergie to the lubes) ,after a few weeks showing up some results...

    But i hate the rash feeling it was annoying to me
    So stopped using it,but im decided to buy it now use it again anyway...

    By the way that product it was made by an domestic factory in our country.
    Maybe you find better quality products or brand in your local drug store and pharmacy...
    Just ask them... They probably have something like that
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  17. Interesting that you found this product at a pharmacy …

    I could hardly imagine going into a pharmacy in the US and asking for penis enlargement cream! :eek:

    But, if it works and could really add 2cm, then it might be totally worth the embarrassment.
  18. That reminds me …
    I have gone into pharmacies looking for smaller condoms. There are several varieties of snugger fit condoms, but not shorter condoms. Why not???

    My penis is average thickness but very short. Sometimes condoms “unroll” on me.
    Has anyone else had the same problem? Has anyone found shorter condoms?
  19. One of the benefits of having a small penis is that it's less likely anyone will notice if you get an erection in your pants. :cool:
    Always best to focus on the bright side ;)

    Anyone else have other benefits of having a small one to share?
    More thoughts on the benefits of "non-threatening" genitalia?
  20. Bump ;)
    I'm kinda bummed that no one else has posted for awhile.
    A few people have PM'd me, but I think more would benefit from posts on this thread.

    I hope everyone is doing well.
    I was starting to feel asexual - after just a few days without much struggle, I touched myself a little just to make sure that it still works properly :rolleyes:
    And then I got triggered by seeing my erect penis. And then I measured :rolleyes:
    4 1/4 inches. Its definitely getting smaller. Maybe it'll just go away eventually . . .

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