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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by DrBrain, Nov 12, 2019.

  1. DrBrain

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    Hello guys,doing day 12 currently and i wanna report something weird
    During the summer (july,aug,sep) i was doing some nofap streaks usually for like 4-8 days at most and then i used to relapse once or twice (i never jack of more than once a day)
    However i failed to keep up a big streak everytime,however with No Shave November i also decided to do No Nut November + i will try to keep doing nofap after this.

    I wanted to report something weird,in the summer when i relapsed once a week on average,during nofap i was having raging boners,as firm as a granite rock on many ocasions a day + morning wood 80% of the mornings,however the last time i jacked off was on 31october and i jacked off 3 times this day (im pretty sure this is what is bugging me but i felt like sharing/asking) so i jacked off 3 times on 31 and once on 30,so my dick has been pretty small (like when u go to a very cold pool or enter a cold sea) for the last like 10 days
    Also i know its fked up but i been doing some drugs that may have restricted blood flow,but i did those only for 2 days and the previou 8 days my little guy was still almost baby sized (i have to note that when im calm and usually my dick is pretty good sized even when not errect (not a shower doe but its okay in size) )
    So now im on day 12 and for 12 days i had only 1 morning wood (which was rock hard btw) but 1/12 is pretty low and im getting kinda worried.

    Is it because i overmasturbated myself into oblivion on 30 and 31 october and now my brain is taking more to recover?
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    Did your dick shrink after masturbation, you're saying? Like a flatline? What drugs are you using??
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  3. Don't do drugs and see a doctor if your penis is shrinking from it.
  4. randomname3

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    I'm pretty sure it's impossible for one month of no PMO to change your actual penis size. It's pretty much just temperature, bloodflow and hormones that control that. All that stuff comes and goes. Really, it's the mental and psychological exercise, not to mention the freedom and purity of heart and mind you should be striving for. Not trying to judge but I really think you've got to completely give up those drugs at least for the full month if you want to benefit from this.
    In any case, stay strong!
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  5. DrBrain

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    Well i think it was temporary or something like that as i am way more serios in making atleast a month now,i think it returned to normal size,anyways i keep going strong as i want to see if those androgen receptors thingy is real,and i got 2 bald patches on my beard to fill :D gl to you too guys
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  7. DouvlePlus

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    Keep going bro, it's still a long way to recover.
  8. DrBrain

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    yeah i have to note i have stopped for 25 days before and i felt amazing,but as i started watching porn again all my motivation,energy and libido went away

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