Small things you did that change your life?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Silentlyasinner, Jan 10, 2021.

  1. Silentlyasinner

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    So ive been thinking about improving myself as a whole being, doesnt matter if its health wise or productivity wise, or self care or whatever. But i dont think i can keep up with big changes. Maybe small steps first for now. If theres anything that has helped you become better (in whatever way), please share!
  2. Joined gym - many say gym is nothing but to look good but in my case it boosted my confidence, determination required to continue this journey and with time more things added up.
  3. recoome

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    started jogging and then joining gym. it's been a month now. while it hasnt solved my life issues, i'm glad i go to the gym.
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  4. - Going to the gym 4 times a week
    - Eating healthy
    - Meditation (1 hour a day).
    - Approaching attractive women in my every day life (on the street, grocery store, nightclubs without drinking alcohol ....). This is the most life changing one
    - Limiting screen use
    - Developing my instagram. Not to exist in the eyes of others, but to express who I am deeply.
    - Questionning myself every single day

    I did this for 3 years. It's worth it :)
  5. iLoveRain

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    Praying more and along with this sinning less.
  6. op_jack

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    take cold showers, they have a direct effect on productivity and energy throughout the day
  7. greenboy_01

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    Working out and stop with wasting time at social media.
    Maitaining a healthy lifestyle in general also helped.
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  8. blacklabel92

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    i mean most of these posts have a trend, lol. its the song sung as old as time itself. eat healthier and workout daily. i can attest to this. once i started eating adding more alkaline foods (fruits, veggies) to my diet and reduced my acids (meat, bread/flour, sugar, fried foods,) and started a daily workout regime my body started to improve. i also make sure i get 15 of sun daily. small changes
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  9. HelplessPleaseHelp?

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    I started to exercise few days a week and meditating on a daily basis.
    My moto is "do it while you can". As long as I can do something, mentally I mean, I'll do it.
    If I feel it is too much for me, I relax and chill.
    But it is important to enhance your capabilities.
    I think it is one of the things that give us purpous in our life.
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  10. fil.exe

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    I despised writing at first but my memory became so bad I had to do something about it.

    No matter how silly the words sounded I always jotted them down for at least 15minutes. If nothing arised in my mind during that time I would write on how frustrating was to have nothing to write about.

    Since I was someone who subsisted on external approval, day after day I was learning about a person that wasn't subject to social influence.
    The more that person developed it's ability to organize their thought process, the more I felt confident about the way I expressed myself in the outside world.
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  11. DuckofDeath

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    One tiny change I made that had really outsized impact was this: greeting people by asking 'how has life been treating you?' People react much differently to this than the standard 'how's it going?' I don't know why they react differently, maybe it's because 'how's it going' is so ubiquitous and automatic that it doesn't even register. When I ask people 'how has life been treating you?' they light up in a way that is really fun to watch. It sparks a smile, a glow in the eyes, and usually a sincere detailed response.
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  12. Silentlyasinner

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    This is interesting! Imma try it out
  13. kropo82

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    @Silentlyasinner I have loads of small things that have made a big difference.

    One is daily affirmations. These took a long time to settle on, but here is the set that work for me currently
    1. "I can change myself for the better, if I want to."
    2. "I will not criticise myself today."
    3. "I am having a fun adventure."
    I say them to myself in the mirror every morning.

    Another is our daily grateful list. Every evening (e.g. over dinner) my wife and I ask each other what we've been grateful for that day. We have to list three things, they can be anything, small or large, anything. My wife finds it hard but I am quite an optimist so I find it easier (although for me we've added the rule that one of mine has to be from my work day and I find that harder).

    I've also been working on focus and procrastination. When I quit I assumed I would find it easier to focus without porn to hide away in. But it hasn't worked like that so I have been reading up on techniques to avoid procrastination. One I like is the 5 5 Technique. It works like this ...
    • Set yourself a task for a reasonable amount of time (e.g. 50 minutes).
    • In that time if you find yourself distracted by checking Facebook (or these forums!) or anything
      • Sit for 5 seconds and concentrate on your breathing, then
      • Set a timer for 5 minutes and get on with the task you are supposed to be doing.
    • At the end of the 5 minutes you are allowed to follow the distraction. The magic is that you no longer want to!
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  14. fredisthebes

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    Daily, weekly and yearly planning. What do you want to achieve but have never had the time? You probably do have the time, you just need to schedule properly.
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