Sneaky Photos/Videos on People (I'm A Creep)

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Burgundy_Outlier, Mar 9, 2019.

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    Man I feel so bad, but I have to be fully honest with myself, because I truly do not want such a toxic view on people, and put myself in a potentially bad position.

    Basically, ever since I was a freshmen in high school, I would always take sneaky photos of women's butts (pretty big ones). Technically, the photo does not center on it, but it is there. Videos mostly take the whole screen, of girl walking by. Fortunately, I delete the photos and videos after I jack off, but I still do eventually take more.

    I used to have a whole folder of girls I had a crush on and these photos/videos on my computer. I deleted them, honestly, but had them for a few months.

    I used to photoshop with these photos on various things, such as fetishes (EW, UGH) because I got nothing better to do. Nowadays, I'm better, but I still feel the urge with my phone, to open the camera app, lower brightness all the way, and take a sneak photo. I was so good at it that my one of guy friends said, "Bruh, how are you that good?"

    I'm such a creep, but I swear, I don't want this, it's my compulsive PMO mind craving for more. What can I do? I can't leave my phone, I'd be isolated without it. I don't use social media a lot, nor do I have a lot of time-filler apps, but I still feel the urge. I am still abstaining from PMO, if that will help.
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    If it makes you feel better that makes more sense than masturbating to people’s normal pictures online....I’ve stopped though. I think porn and masturbation for sure are the culprits
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    Man I feel you. I do/did the same with female feet. It got to the point to where I found an app that lets you shoot video with the screen completely off! (Hope I'm not making it worse by sharing this with you). I could casually be sitting with my phone in a seemingly normal position all while the camera's rolling and no one would know. "It's like your brain makes you feel like "You HAVE to get this on camera 'cause you're truly gonna be missing out on something GREAT if you don't..."

    I just deleted my stash of homemade porn a few days ago because at the end of the day, that's all it is. There are literally thousands of nice looking asses (and in my case feet) out there. I've been training myself to briefly appreciate the beauty of the females I encounter and move on because I'll see them again. No need to stockpile a collection of stuff I encounter on a daily basis.

    Good luck on your journey
  4. I have the same fetish. It's a huge problem. I got caught doing it once and i felt like shit.
    The main tip i used top stop was thinking "How would women feel if i did this to them?" they would think your a scumbag, a sexual deviant that doesn't care about invading someones privacy for a few seconds of pleasure.

    I hope you can achieve excellence avoiding PMO and this behavior
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  5. Hi! There are many like you guys, dont worry, just stop and try to leave it in the past.

    I myself did similar things in the past during a stressful period where i was P-addicted, i took pics of my GF (who is now my fiancee) to hear strangers online comment on her looks.

    No face or such and only had them uploaded for short ammount of time and she was very understanding and forgiving as i decided to tell her after quitting.

    I do feel like shit sometimes, but i know people do WAY more fucked up things.
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    I'm addicted to this too. It's what really set me off with my addiction. I'm just obsessed with super hot girls dressed like sluts. What's helped me is to block everything on my phone and computer. Recently, I've had some bad relapses and decided to block the camera on my phone as well. Also, I've been journaling and posting on here daily, which has helped me immensely.

    This is a habit we need to kick. Soon, laws will crack down on this behavior and it will be a criminal offense, which could lead to being a sex offender. It's only a matter of time. Best to nip it in the butt now before it really gets bad. Keep fighting this addiction and get back to being a normal person who isn't a voyeur/porn addict.
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    Oh man, its so hard. So much stay in the same way. Its difficult and today is a very hard day for me, but i trust tha i can and you can defeat this habbit. I'm gonna pray form you in this moment, i Hope that you can win
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