so angry over a jerk from work

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Hold the Line, Aug 9, 2021.

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    So there's this piece of shit from work who thinks he owns everyone and doesn't show respect to anyone, he has a nasty mouth and tries to push everyone around, sort of a ''god complex''.
    I despise him so much.
    Today at work i came across him at the kitchen trying to get to the office, he blocked me and pushed me, roughly saying, translated to english: ''move over, moron, or i don't know what i'm going to do to you''.
    This caused me so much fury, like i was pumped with adrenaline, every fiber in my body just yelled at me to blow the living shit out of him, no matter what happens after that, just grab something hard and smack his face untill he begs me to stop.
    It happened this morning and i still think about how much spiteful it made me.
    I try to ignore these thoughts when they come, because the bring me no good, the point is i can't seem to ignore these trash people, and whenever the say stupid things.
    I actually considered smacking the living shit out of this filth and shitting on his lame BMW.
    Jeez, some people actually have no respect for other, and only when someone will actually beat the shit out of them will they learn.
  2. I bet it did , i would be pissed too

    Easier said then done alot of times

    That just gets the law involved , plus getting fired.

    Next time you see him, stand tall ,and stop him look him dead in the eye and calmly tell him "look dude I dont know what your problem is but if you keep this up you and I are going to have big problems and I dont care if its in front of 100 people" make sure you do this infront of alot of people so he cannot lie about it later at that point he will ether back down and respect you or its a fight - thats your choice DONT BREAK EYE CONTACT FIRST
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    The problem is that you are angry, not that this guy is a jerk. The solution is to figure out what causes your anger without reference to him. Its a simple change, but it isn't easy.
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  4. Can't you complain about him to your boss (or his superior)? You could get him fired if he keeps acting like a cunt.
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    You wouldn't believe some of the stuff I've had to deal with. Your story, while I sympathize with your situation, is nothing new to me. Not to downplay it, I know how annoying it is; trust me. But I'm going to keep this simple:
    Definitely don't let him get the better of you. By this I mean, you don't have to let him push you around, but also DON'T let him control your emotions. Don't let your anger or rage get completely out of hand. Keep your composure. Take deep breaths. Next time he is a jerk or does something or says something to you that is out of line, calmly but FIRMLY tell him something along the lines of "I don't appreciate you being disrespectful to me." Not those exact words, mind you, but you could come up with something similar. Maybe ask him why he feels the need to be a bully or an ass. Just keep it as respectable as you can. Never blow up in rage or insult the man, then you lose all credibility. Here's the important thing... if you stay calm and question his demeanor, and HE'S the one blowing up and getting mad and being an asshole, then people will see that. There won't be a need to justify or accuse or anything of that sort. You're the winner when you can stand up for yourself in a calm and composed manner. To jerks like that, it just pisses them off even more and makes THEM lose control. It exposes them for who they really are and gets them in trouble. Trust me. I've been in similar situations man.
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    nothing special happened
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    Damn dude, I’m sorry to hear this. I worked with a dude like this and I wish I always snapped him in the face.
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    This is elementary school bully level. How come noone complains to HR? You work in a meth lab hidden in the woods or what?
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    Calm down, As*hole do exist - But you're bettee than that!

    Try to cool down your anger, cool down your emotions, you might end up in some bad scenario, you don't deserve to be part of.

    Listen try saving some money for months ahead, and start looking for a new job if you have too, there is no need to be involved with him. - Good Luck and may i ask you, where you from ?
  10. This.

    Once I had the same problem.
    When I saw what my problem was, it soon changed.
    He was quiet surprised when he saw he couldn't manipulate me any longer.

    A hook needs something to hook on.

    If a jerk is bothering you then find the
    jerk in yourself.

    It will be a practicing of the words of Jesus: "bless your enemies".

    Not easy but in the end you are the one who will be blessed.
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    If you need anyone to talk to, You can Pm me anytime, I'll be glad to help you, You're not alone.
  13. I guess I would punch him, but thats just me.
  14. Why don't you become a man and learn to control your emotions?

    What do you plan on doing seriously? Change him? You can't.

    Just forget about that dude and move on. Your time is precious.

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