So...being a strong man is a disorder now.

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    What the hell is "too much masculinity"? Can you quantify it for me and what the details are on whats too much?
  2. The psychological effects of masculinity are a result of androgen (male hormone) receptors in the brain. It's not something taught by society, it's something you literally physically have in the brain.

    People always say that testosterone = aggression but if you look in-depth the balance of research actually finds that testosterone has little impact on aggression.

    According to research there's a 70% correlation between voice depth and testosterone, making voice pitch the single most reliable outward indicator of testosterone. This guy is a basso profundo (very low bass), doesn't seem mean at all does he:

    If your brain is physically masculine, everything you do is masculine, mean or nice. If your brain is not physically masculine, nothing you do is masculine.
  3. Wowzers! I did an internet search after reading your post and there’s a lot of stuff out there saying masculinity is bad. One 16 year old article in the San Francisco Chronicle (not surprisingly an ultra liberal newspaper) says it needs to disappear all together. Craziness!

    From what little I read, one problem is that many equate being masculine automatically with being a douchebag, fool, and thoughtless. A man can be masculine and act respectfully, be intelligent, and be empathetic as well. Those things are not mutually exclusive. People stuck in misandry can't see that.
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    If you become a pussyhatted feminist soymale these same morons who made the article would praise you. Lol
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  5. I don't necessary think that Yin becoming Yang and Yang becoming Yin is a problem. Once upon a time there was Yin and Yang. Then Yang become Yin and Yin become Yang. What do we have now? Yin and Yang! Haha!

    I don't think it matters whether it's masculine female or feminine male. It's not about the genitals that carry the energy, it's about the energy itself. That being said it indeed would be better if people would not resist their nature but embrace it, and embrace nature of others. Then we could unite to work towards common goals. The problem now is there's too much of Yin because Yang is being demonized and not embraced.
    Positive masculine characteristics taken to extreme and practiced in excess. For example conscientiousness becomes hypercompetition, strong leadership skills becoming excessive aggression, mental and psychological strength becoming unhealthy suppression of emotions and lack of empathy, disagreeableness turning into egocentrism, etc.
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    I know what youre saying, but youre just stating the obvious. What does "too much masculinity" look like? You haven't answered my question. What exactly is an "excess" of masculinity?
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    Generally I like masculine men and feminine women. That's the best thing for children and society.
  8. If you're happy being a feminine male or a masculine female then, by all means go ahead. I think being dominantly masculine, but also being in touch with my feminine side (liking animals, kids, or being a good cook) would make me happy. I want a woman who's dominantly feminine, but also in touch with her masculine side (likes shooting, camping, fishing, etc.)
  9. I'm not sure what answer you want from me. Yes, I also think this is pretty obvious stuff. You want a real world example or something? Well, how about the fact that over 90% of people in jail are males, because males are more likely to commit crimes. For all the examples I gave you could just use your own imagination and picture how that would express itself in the real world scenario...
  10. As I mentioned, the average man is literally stronger than virtually all women, I think if you found a man who was the same size and strength as the average woman he wouldn't commit much violent crime either.

    Also, there's a huge trend for women to be given lenient sentences. There have been legal experts who say that the #1 best thing in your favor in a criminal case is to be a woman.
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    And an enemy for the liberals too
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  12. You know what I like best about this site? That we can all state our opinions without fear of someone going: "THATS OFFENSIVE" or "YOU'RE A FUCKIN WHITE MALE" or "YOU'RE A NAZI." Our differing beliefs make this world a better place and we should really all have the right to free speech. Even if I disagree with your beliefs, I still have respect for you guys and kinda see you all like distant brothers. I'm surging right now, so my brain is drowning in dopamine... There's a reason they call dopamine "the love drug." LOL. Man, I love you guys so freakin much!! haha
  13. Nobody calls dopomine "the love drug", they call Ecstasy the love drug.:emoji_point_up: :emoji_nerd:
    Are you saying that you're surging on Ecstasy right now?
    I'm not so sure it means much. If there is want there is possibility. You can always stab somebody in a back or threaten them with a gun, they tend to even things out quite nicely. Less than 10% of gun murders in US are committed by female.

    Still though according to statistics less females commit crimes than men. Committed crime is still a crime. The harshness of sentence is a different matter.
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  14. I really do find this rather chilling. This is unethical. The American Psychological Association is hugely influential in the mental health and psychological research fields. Imagine you're a guy, looking for mental health treatment. Maybe you suffer from depression. Maybe you suffer from anxiety. Maybe you have bipolar disorder. Maybe you have an addiction. Etc. Sound familiar? When you meet with a therapist, counselor, or psychologist, you are there to get help. But now you can't be sure that the person you are going to for help, doesn't have an anti-male agenda. You are there for your reasons, but you can't be sure that they don't view you as dangerous, privileged, "toxic", because you are a male. You are there for your reasons, to get help, but when you're in that small room with them, they're going to be using their training, expertise, and skill in psychology to subtly influence and shape you according to their anti-male agenda. They're going to take your moment of pain, vulnerability, and illness, and use it as an opportunity to further their anti-male agenda, because that's more important to them. Let this sink in

    That document by the APA is based on nothing but social justice warrior pseudo-science
  15. It’s all one giant shit test. I mean, just look at Sweden ffs
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  16. The men there must be really incapable of standing up for themselves. I wonder if porn addiction is worse there. GMOs are influencing the feminizing of men, but I think porn is the #1 issue.
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  17. That exactly the right way to look at it. How do we pass the test?
  18. We need to win women back over by becoming real/good men. The world has too many evil men and not enough heroes.
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