So...being a strong man is a disorder now.

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  1. I am now seeing the APA's document being reported on in the media. So what's going to happen is that the mainstream media is going to broadcast this report, and the APA is going to be portrayed as OFFICIAL EXPERT OPINION and not questioned. Their message is being delivered to the masses
  2. I agree. Good thing us guys are smart, brave, and can't be deterred. We'll figure it out
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  3. Totally! Men have been through far worse throughout history and survived. No matter what happens, we'll be ok. We're still all real men, we just might not remember.
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    Too late man, 70 percent of modern young women are Art Hoes.
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    Mammas dont let your babies grow to be soyboys...
    Heh heh heh...
  7. Before porn, I was quite masculine though I didn’t even know it at the time because it was just my natural state. The more I got into porn and constant masturbation the more I lost my way and I became weaker both mentally and physically. Now I despise the man I turned into and I’m angry for letting myself get so messed up. I’m determined to become my true self again and I don’t care what anyone thinks about it. I don’t know if porn is a tool designed to weaken men but it’s certainly turned out that way regardless of the intentions.
  8. Being more masculine is one of my goals in life. What I think it represents: integrity, being a protector and provider, self esteem, truthfulness, uprightness, strength and resilience, ambition, bravery, wisdom and love.

    How is masculinity a bad thing!?! The apa is surely out of touch, and many powerful institutions seem to be similarly swayed by false, pseudoscientific ideas about the world. It’s pretty scary!
  9. Careful… You must check how "traditional masculinity" is defined.

    If it means having clear ethics, accepting no nonsense, being fair, not giving up in the face of adversity, refusing to conform to others' expectations, etc., then obviously it is a virtue.

    But that's not how the report defines it. The report defines it in a narrow-minded, confining way, where a boy or man feels that he must conform to others' expectations or suffer ignominy. To that extent it makes sense.

    I was brought up that way: as a boy, I had to be strong, which meant never showing or admitting to pain or any emotion other than anger, scorn, that type of thing; never admitting to any problem; and believing that you were better than girls. The stereotype, "I don't ask for directions when I'm lost because I don't need anyone, and I'm not lost anyway." In that sense, being a "traditional male" is utter bullshit.

    Given that viewpoint, I wonder if in fact the report is correct?
  10. Just more leftist propaganda fake news lol. I hope they make more things like this, it sucks, but it's giving me a damn good reason to nofap
  11. Shit like that is easy to say until you're forced to start sitting through sexual reeducation sessions to stay in school and keep your jobs. Once the law demonizes masculinity and begins to categorize male behavior as dangerous then mens rights are gone. It's going to happen in UK and the US because everyone is too affraid to challenge feminism.
  12. OK, I agree with you so far. These are all good qualities

    Yes, I agree that the report defines traditional masculinity in a narrow and confining way. And that's why the report is BS

    No, I don't agree that it makes sense. They start from false premises about traditional masculinity, and their conclusions are all wrong

    I'm not going to criticize you for your personal experience or sentiment here, but why do we have to then pathologize traditional masculinity for everyone? Which is what the report is arguing for

    No! It's not!
  13. Masculinity is only a bad thing for authoritarian power because historically, Men were the ones who let revolts once governments became tyrannical. It's super simple. If you reduce men to emotionally weak, vain pussies who are scared to stand up for whats right, you kill that natural cycle of revolution and you get some next level brand of thought control and tyranny.

    Mission accomplished. You actually have people arguing over dumb shit like whether or not a transgender is a real woman. This would not be possible without social pressure and indoctrination. The simple fact that you have people arguing that masculinity could be toxic is pure fucking stupid but here we are.
  14. This!^^
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    Fuck these people. I'm going to become as toxically Masculine as I can. And if I have a son, I'm going to raise him Dickishly Masculine as I can. All cultural marxists can kiss my hairy nutsack *****!
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  16. Easy, red pill. Try an iron one.
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    I wouldn't worry about them to much. It's nearly impossible for them to breed and increase their numbers. The only option they have is to indoctrinate other people's kids, and now most people have cought on to that.
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  18. LOL Yeah those whiteknight "nice guys" arn't getting laid, are they?? Male feminist cucks lol
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