So for those who did it, how exactly did you further your career or boost your earnings?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Avenging Marmoset, Sep 29, 2019.

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    Many have said that through NoFap and the resultant incresed confidence, suddenly freed-up time, pride, energy, self-control, lifting of brain fog and belief in one's own willpower, that they have furthered their careers and been making more money. If this has been your experience, how did you do it, exactly? Did you go back to school? Finally get it in gear starting a business? Maybe you started a side business? I know that to protect our privacy that we're often kinda vague about that kind of thing but try to be as specific as possible. The rest of this is my own brief story in that regard....

    I came up with a plan to start a driveway resurfacing business, then did nothing to get it started even though I *did* go to considerable trouble to at least get the equipment together and everything in place. I had a failproof plan, too. Then I didn't act on it. Fear of success, laziness, self-sabotage, call it whatever you want when it comes to reasons. Life was instead a morass of weed addiction, doing the bare minimum at a job I hated, and way too much fapping. It was all the kind of perfect storm of go-nowhere that a man should be shameful to ever get caught in. But thanks to NoFap I've stopped the jerking and made other self-improvements; I now spend my time in worthwhile ways instead of wasting it, I get things done around the house, and I'm doing things to promote my business and get more work so it can be my main gig and so what I'm mostly doing now (the dead end job that i smy main gig) just to pay the bills will instead soon be the side gig. I'm about to be 50, but this if nothing else proves that it is NEVER too late to reinvent yourself, and that it's always worth it to kick bad habits, because they will never go away on their own and will otherwise drag your life down forever until you deal with them. NoFap is one of the best things that ever happened to me, and it's definitely had a positive effect on my earnings.

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