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    I've been doing this nofap training since the last year -- since october I think -- and I got to say this thing works, and that relapses are the most awful thing yet with patience and effort you can get back where you were before.

    So, to be honest. I watched P since I was 9 I suppose, and nevertheless even then I managed to quit it. Being a little kid, my mother asking me so much about if I watched porn and telling so bad it was -- as her attempt to be sure I didn't watch -- got me with an intense curiosity and I ended up searching the magic word. I got hooked up on it though I didn't exactly MO because I didn't know how to (even though I sometimes tried to M I didn't get to O, somehow); after some infant moral reasoning I decided that it was bad and decided to quit watching it. I got again in the bad habit later when I was 11, though I got to quit it again. Again I fell when I was 13, though I got to quit it.

    Somehow I got to have an orgasm for the first time at the age of 15 using an electric massager on my buddy, and because of how much I got to enjoy that I ended up using that "toy" almost three times a day sometimes staying up on the night and using it while all my family was asleep. By the way I also must say that that year I used the "toy" all the time was awful: being so shy, bullied everyday and I wouldn't even have the courage to talk to a woman and make others respect me -- I was way too much of a beta--. By the last half of that year I got to realize such "toy" was harming me and that I was technically raping myself everyday, so I decided to quit leaving it in a box where I couldn't get it so easily.

    After a week of "toy" abstinence, somehow I got to discover how to ejaculate without the damn "toy" so I really got quite mad with it. After sometime I found the nofap subreddit, and man: I realized that I was harming myself even more that what I would have thought; also I realized not only I though this self-rape thing was bad. So I started the first nofap journey: it only lasted two days but damn I got even more interested than before.

    By the course of time I have gotten more expert on abstaining and have longer streaks than before; my longest being of 35 days when at the start I couldn't even go 3 days without PMO. And not only my streak has been better with the time, but my life.

    Somehow in this period of time when I discovered nofap and have been doing it almost religiously I have changed a lot, and for good, and I'm a way different person than before -- more alpha and disciplined though there is still a lot to polish to be honest --. One of my conclusions after so much time is that PMO is a lot of danger for anyone: it makes you weak as heck.

    Here are some effects of PMO abstinence that I have seen since my long journey:
    • More physical strength. The longer I abstain from PMO, the more strength I have and by example more pushups I will do. I have been following a regime of maximum endurance calisthenics since I began nofap seriously and abstaining from nofap makes my performance a lot better; I even feel energy to continue exercising though my muscles no longer can do anything, thing that wouldn't happen before. When I relapse somehow that strength is gone and I don't do as good as before.
    • Your game improves a lot and you'll do better with women. Believe me. If I told the myself of before how physically intimate I get with women sometimes when I see the chance -- not going sexually though, talking more about cute cuddles and hugs -- he wouldn't believe it. The desire to get laid gives you motivation and strength to do so, and when you get to enjoy good time with a good woman it it feels better^2 than PMO.
    • I also noticed that people wouldn't get to bully me anymore, as they did before. I don't know, but somehow when I relapse and go to school, some people from my school would end up bullying me, though when I have a high streak they don't even appear nearby or even act friendly. I think that semen retention gives you character and a different aura to that of a weak person or at least that happens to me. When you have energy and nothing to fear you will find it easier to stand for yourself and make others respect you.
    • Besides when I have a long PMO streak, I feel so great, full of energy and full of love for everyone: like I finally live. I have an aura that inspires respect in others and makes me appear warmer and friendlier than before. It's such a good feel and sensation that never goes away most of the time, that makes me do crazy things just for fun, that makes me fell like I can do everything, that makes me fall in love with a woman in a way that I wouldn't expect before.
    I literally have been living life finally after so much time of being a walking zombie or just another freak, that being more intensified when I have longer streaks. I'm finally free and I have the freedom to do whatever I want. Though I sometimes fall and relapse, I still remember that if I could quit P when I was 10 years old I will quit this damn PMO thing too very soon.

    I hope this post isn't so long for you, if so I'm sorry though I had to say all of this to get it out of my heart. I got here to motivate myself more everyday and motivate others, as I realize that when you see others can you say to yourself you'll do it too and even better.

    God bless you for your labour of showing people the correct way. :) I love you all. <3
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    Here's to long streaks of Success for all of us !!!
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