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Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Star Lord, Oct 14, 2016.

  1. Star Lord

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    Now before you assume I'm cold or haven't been through anything...
    I myself have struggled with depression anxiety in the past, and lost many friends and family to various causes.
    So we've all been through similar things.
    But I just can't get over how many users here are so negative, I mean I consider myself a pessimist but I'm seeing countless "I want to die" or "Feeling like I want to give up" posts here and there.

    Even when I was in my darkest depression I never moped around hoping for things to magically get better, I decided enough was enough and started to better myself.

    Anyone reading this who is depressed or low spirit, understand you are the one who can change yourself for the better. If you really want things to be better, just do it.
    You have to believe in yourself to make things work in your favour.
    If you seek pitty or sympathy for too long you'll have a weaker frame of mind and you'll be stuck in the limbo that your in right now.
    It's time to take control of your emotions and strengthen your willpower.

    RMS has spoken...
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  2. Also if someone is suffering from severe depression then I would urge them to seek medical advice. Their issue could be more than just poor willpower.

    ΔHMΩSΣ I Guest

    Fapping causes depression.

    People lack the knowledge man. A video from the cofounder of Reboot Camp at NoFap Academy:

    Also this is good, from my acquaintance:


    ΔHMΩSΣ I Guest

    For sure. I would argue they try a psychologist or holistic therapist before seeking any medical support from a physician or psychiatrist. Lots of mindfulness based therapies and natural methods of curing depression in existence that are wise to seek before drugs are sought.

    Makes me think of this song actually:

    May any sad eyes reading this please understand the Army is here to shatter the lies in your mind and offer joy, light, and hope.

    ΔHMΩSΣ I Guest


    Your low spirits hurt my spirit.

    I cannot stand watching people seek for joy and peace here and running around with a blindfold on trying to find it.

    May you all be well, AND HAPPY! :D
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  6. Liverpoolfan1995

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    I'm sorry but that video of "Dr" Axe is basically bullshit. He's not s doctor, he'sjudt someone pretending, giving ridiculous and potentially dangerous advice. The worst thing about people seeking help from these crooks as that some will get slightly better because of the placebo effect, but it is still keeping them from finding real, proper, scientifically proven help. Fapstranauts, always go to an M.D, not these N.Ds ( stands for not a doctor:p)
  7. Anona

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    I am considered a kind of cynical person, and I always research before I give advice, but calling supplements, vitamins and minerals for bullshit gets me boiling in a not so nice way.
    Ever heard of ?
    You have MDs and more titles telling you there is a link between nutrition and depression.
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  8. Star Lord

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    Super foods are great!
  9. Incorrect. The correct answer is, super foods are super.
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  10. Star Lord

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    This is beginning to sound like an advert lol.
  11. Anona

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    I would not tell you to believe me, just follow the link and see the evidence.
    If you believe in the loss of grey matter in the brain using porn like scans suggest, why not just as well get some extra Lecithin.
    If you believe in the loss of neurotransmitters, then make more with amino acid.
    If you feel depressed then you fill up on the vitamin B spectrum which in clinical test have had a tremendous effect.
    The cool thing about supplements, is that you do not become a zombie, you are actually just balancing your brain with what it needs.
    Let me finish up with a small quote.
    A depletion of the neurotransmitter called norepinephrine may result in poor memory, loss of alertness, and clinical depression. The chain of chemical events in the body resulting in this substance is:

    L-phenylalanine (from protein foods) -> L-tyrosine (made in the liver) -> dopa -> dopamine -> norepinephrine -> epinephrine

    This process looks complex but actually is readily accomplished, particularly if the body has plenty of vitamin C. Since one's dietary supply of the first ingredient, L-phenylalanine, is usually adequate, it is more likely to be a shortage of vitamin C that limits production ofnorepinephrine. Physicians giving large doses of vitamin C have had striking success in reversing depression. It is a remarkably safe and inexpensive approach to try."
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  12. Alex Bee

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    Which is why I come on and off on this forum here and there. I only come here to see if there's anything new or advising others. I might not use this website for so long because I'm rebooting incredibly well.
  13. I Free I

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    This is a good post and very much so true . I do believe though that most of the users on here who may posts negative and depressing topics are simply doing so as a coping mechanism for themselves... Maybe that's what helps them get through their days more easier and level headed rather than bottling up their emotions all the time because of not having a platform or real life situations where they can speak about it. That is why I appreciate this site so much... for others and also for myself .
  14. This is so true. I am whining a lot about my emotions on this website. But yeah.. this really helps me. There is almost no one who get's this nofap thing. I feel connected here.
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  15. The human failure

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    Ooh me ooh me! I want to kill myself!
  16. SyrusDrake

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    Okay, there are a few things I would like to add to this.

    1. About why people seem to post a lot of negativity on this, or any other forum. Well, for me it's because I can express myself much better in text than in eye-to-eye conversation. And I find it much easier to show my true self online, the environment feels less judgmental. In real life, not counting professionals, there are about...four people who know I suffer from depression. Most others probably don't suspect a thing since I have a completely different persona for those kinds of interaction.

    2. While this discussion shows some more insight into the mechanics of depression, I still find it lacking in some aspects. First of all, depression ≠ sadness. It can make you sad, occasionally. But that's actually when it feels less terrible. Most of the time, you're just entirely numb and don't care about anything. And that's much worse than feeling sad.
    But the most important thing to always remember about clinical depression: it's a physical ailment! Like a diabetic's body is lacking insulin, a depressed person's body is lacking other chemicals. For this reason it is incredibly insensitive and hurtful to tell a person who's suffering from depression to "just lighten up" or that they just need more willpower. If you told a diabetic "Well, have you just tired to make your pancreas work again?", you'd rightfully be considered a complete asshole.
    And you know what's an even worse thing to do to a depressed person? Tell them reasons why they shouldn't be depressed. Because guess what? We know that. We know we have a good life, technically. But that won't make the depression go away. In fact, it'll make it worse. "I have such a good life, I shouldn't be depressed. I'm such a worthless asshole". And boom, more depression.
    Now, it is correct that making the first step to seek external help with the problem does have to come from the patient himself/herself. And sometimes a little external stimulus is needed to make that step. But let me explain why that first step is so incredibly difficult...

    3. If you're lucky enough to have never experienced depression, this might be hard to imagine. But like I said above, it's completely different from feeling sad. When you're sad, your brain does something it is intended for. But when you're depressed...well, imagine an entity made from thick, black smoke. It clings to your back by wrapping its gooey tentacles around your chest. You can feel it tightening your lungs, making it hard to breathe. The venom it injects into you is a heavy, tar-like substance that flows through your entire body, gumming up your muscles. Every movement you make takes effort and your muscles feel weak, like you've just gotten up from a long sleep, but all day long. The venom enters your brain too. Every thought feels like it has to be pulled out of a tarpit. And soon, your entire mind is clogged with the stuff. You're not "sad". If your sad, there is a part of your brain that knows you deserve better and need to focus on moving forward. You can still access positive memories and optimistic thoughts. But if you're depressed, you can't find that part of your mind anymore. It's just the current you in this sea of black smoke and tar-like venom. You're entirely lost inside your mind. Moving takes effort. Thinking takes effort. Empathy takes effort. Everything costs energy...which brings us to...

    4. For me at least, suicidal thoughts aren't accompanied by thoughts like "I'm so sad" or "I'm so desperate, I don't know what to do."
    It's usually just..."I'm so tired..."
    Imagine digging a hole in an endless sand desert. Most of you probably know what would'd never get anywhere. Sand would just keep flowing back down into your hole. How about doing that for a year? Five years? Ten years? Every day. How long until you'd go completely mad? Just shoveling sand every day, to no avail. Your breaking point wouldn't be "I hate this sand!" or "How can I stop falling sand into my hole?!". It would be "I just want to stop shoveling sand..."

  17. Star Lord

    Star Lord Fapstronaut

    If you had read my opening post you will have read that I myself have suffered depression and anxiety.

    With reference to nearly half of your 2. paragraph...
    Don't try to make me look the villain for trying to get fellow depressives up and at em thank you very much.

    If I can overcome depression, then anyone can.

    Depressives need a jolt up the arse or the mind just slips deeper into emptiness.
    I was an extremely stubborn depressive with no outlook for the future...I got given an ultimatum.
    I could either continue to pitty myself or say fuck it and just do it.
    I chose the latter.

    I had suicidal thoughts at one point, but I down scaled my life compared to that of lesser fortunate people in this world.

    I would think of poor Africans for example who keep going through hell to make sure their little brothers or newborn children at least live a little longer in hope of a better life.

    Other depressives need to understand that their life is no more or less significant to that of richer or poorer peoples.
    When you can accept yourself and your situation truly, then you can begin to improve yourself and your situation.
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  18. The human failure

    The human failure Fapstronaut

    I mean if you knew anything about depression you'd know that telling people to "get over it" is one of the worst things you could possibly do. I could go further but the other guy basically captured everything fully.
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  19. Star Lord

    Star Lord Fapstronaut

    *sigh* I've been told to get over it...

    Many times

    Each time I would deflect it with a response like "I can't I don't know how!"

    Maybe you guys just aren't ready yet, but you have got to understand depression is something only you have the cure too if you want it.
    Your in the denial stage of understand you have it but you don't want to believe you do. You want to live in fairy land and try to forget the fact you are lost in life.

    I'm trying to help you see the light at the end of the dark tunnel!!!

    How many times do I have to say I had depression.
    I know this shit inside out because I was just like you guys but I found myself from the limbo I was in.
    I understand depression from both perspectives having been deep in it and now be out of it.
    I know the loophole!!!
    So listen...don't ignore.

    For the record I didn't say "get over it" in previous posts but if I had'd have to trust me If i said "just get over it".
    It's not a negative term.
    Its a hurdle. Get over it.

    There is no hard solution to depression only your own brain creating blocks to break through to success.

    Stop putting blocks in front of yourself!

    Depressed minds lock themselves in the corner of your insecurity.
    You can pull yourself out only if you break yourself down.

    I can remember clearly when I was depressed and people would say "you are the only one in your way" and "you can't keep dismissing ideas for help" I would think what nonsense how is that going to help me.

    But when you read and think carefully about the words, you realise there is nothing in the way of your own brain. My depression was a development of my insecurities putting my brain in super defence lock down mode. When you realise that unlock yourself again...when you unlock yourself again you can change your insecurity and throw it away by saying "who cares if I'm ugly" or "who cares if I don't have a degree" etc etc.

    I understand anyone depressed here will be reading this post with anger. I would have too when I was depressed.

    Cool down and read it again...and again. You will see the true message.

    Good luck.
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  20. SyrusDrake

    SyrusDrake Fapstronaut

    You know what's the cure for actual clinical depression?
    Scientifically developed anti-depressants and therapy with a trained, medical professional. If you tell people who suffer from constant depression to just get through it by sheer willpower, you're putting them in danger, just how recommending homeopathic "remedies" for serious medical conditions is putting patients in danger.

    If you broke your leg, I could yell and shout at you or spout encouraging nonsense until you could become "strong" enough to ignore the pain and walk on your crippled leg. But that wouldn't heal it. If I told you the power to heal your broken leg was inside of you, you'd tell me to fuck off, go to a hospital, get some painkillers and surgery or at least a cast to fix your leg.

    If you got over what you call depression by pure mental strength, good for you. But don't recommend others try the same and most of all, don't give other people shit and call them weak for not trying or managing it. After I suffered a terrible blow of fate a decade ago, I thought I was strong enough to make it through the pain on my own. Therapy seemed silly and like a waste of time. And for many years, I apparently managed it. But now I know I was just delaying it and I'm dealing with the calamitous fallout of that mindset.

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