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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by HandsOffSnakey, Dec 25, 2013.

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    I have tried this so many times, and occasionally read /nofap on reddit for motivation. I really hope that by joining this community that I can finally find the resources and the support I need to finally kick my PMO addiction. And not only PMO, nofap is more to me than just not PMO'ing. It's about getting my butt off the computer, reading more books, devoting more of my life to God daily, getting out and meeting new people, doing better in school, exercising more often, and just generally making my life something that I can be proud of and not having to hide what I do for roughly two hours a day. It's time to stop taking things for granted, to stop saying that it can wait until tomorrow. I'm done, as of 3:30 this morning (EST) I am on my way to becoming a fapstronaut. I'm tired of letting life pass me by... so wish me luck, my friends, and pray for me, as I take on this endeavor.
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    Hello and welcome to Nofap, good to have you on board :)

    Oh and Merry Christmas.

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    Welcome HandsOff! You'll find a lot of useful information here as well as like-minded individuals trying to improve their lives just like you!

    I'd encourage you to get and stay connected here and also find an accountability partner. Good luck on your journey!

    And aaron, I cant believe you've kept that avatar. So awesome.

  4. Mark

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    Hi! Just wishing you all the best. Have you been over to the main forums? Get stuck in and see what grabs your attention, there's lots to learn and I'm sure you have lots to contribute (even if you don't realise it yet;))so help and be helped just by making an honest contribution.

    I quit heavy drinking, cigarettes, and cannabis on the same day in 2008 after 25 years of use and abuse. I haven't touched any of them since and now I'm doing the same with PMO. Addiction is addiction and although it absolutely does help to understand the various scientific explanations we simply MUST make fundamental changes is the way we think and behave which in turn will change our behaviours and habits.

    And I don't mention any of the above to brag (25 years of use and abuse is nothing to brag about!) I say it to encourage and to offer hope.

    Just in case your interested I've put the three main resources I used to help change my thoughts/behaviours and therefore break that cycle (and whose principles I continue to use) in my signature below. I can't recommend them enough but this is your journey, these are only suggestions. You will get plenty of other equally valid advice as there's a very healthy balance of perspectives on this site and together we are making a meaningful, positive, lasting difference which I for one am thrilled to be part of.

    Stay strong and keep going ;)...
  5. Jason2

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    Welcome to the group, HandsOff! Best hopes for beating your addiction. Stick around and talk with us, share, and gain strength from the sharing!

    God is the key; a relationship with Him is essential, without which we're all doomed to failure.
  6. HandsOffSnakey

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    Thank you all for your support! I am almost 36 hours in and it's already a struggle. I've edged a couple of times, but for now I'm not counting that as it seems more habit to me than addiction, as in I don't really think about it when it's happening, though as I progress through this I will try to be more conscious about what I am doing.

    I wish you all the best of luck in the transformation of your lives, and I'll be praying over the ones in this forum as I do so for myself.

    Quick question for the mods: is this an appropriate place to vent/log progress ocassionally?

    Once again, thank you all!
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    Welcome handsoff! Hope you find friends, help, and success here with the rest of us on this journey to nofap

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