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  1. Avitus

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    Srry everyoe I have poor english my am 21 years i sturted masterbution at the age of 14 but currently i have quited but still i have a problem i have very small penis (srry) my question is that is materbution the one discouraged my dick ti grow if so since i have quited will it grow father because now my penis is about 11 sentimetres when erected am so stressed i have 11 day without MPO Help me brothers what should i do?
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    Penis size is all genetics. Some guys notice that when they abstain from PMO for a long time their erections become fuller though. But there is no magic trick or anything to make it grow. If you are not in puberty anymore the chance is very small that you will still have some growth
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  3. Kingsman_Rojas

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    I thought the same in my case
    Buy I believe that there is not chance to penis get bigger :(

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