Socail media are SUPER TOXIC stay away!

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Social media?

  1. Hell no.

  2. Hell yeah.

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    just went on omegle and badoo, and omg all people saying to me that i am a ugly person (ill admit im not the best looking). This destroys your self confidence badly!

    All those toxic people, scammers, fake profiles, people who think they are better than you.
  2. SickSicko

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    Or maybe you are ugly :emoji_confused:

    I mean, don't take it wrong, I probably myself belong among deformed endogamic creatures or mordor's orks, but hei, deal with it.
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  3. yes but not only that poeple on social media arejust toxic in general and yes i will not deny that i am a super good looking person and yes i am kinda ugly but i dont care as llong poeplne dont shout it at me (social media)
  4. Juxtaposition

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    Agreed. I'm only on Facebook to keep in touch with friends. People who don't know you will judge you for anything and forget you are a real human being. They seem to get a kick out tolling and hurting people while they hide behind their keyboards/phones and they will never see the consequences. They would never say anything like that to your face.
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  5. yes exactly that! glad im not the only one
  6. Juxtaposition

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    I get pissed off when I read bitchy comments on YouTube videos. And these comments aren't even about me! I guess there are some people who don't care what people write about them but I don't think I'd wanna be on social media where anyone can view my profile and comment. Whats it got to do with them?

    I keep my photos and thoughts between me and my friends, the people who actually know and value me...oh and nofap lol but this is different as its helping me!
  7. yes like that. may i recommend clean browsing dns? blocks a lot of social media, but also hides comments on you
    tube and other sites, and enforces safe browsing! maybe a good thing to use?
  8. also think thath you should keep your life as private as possible
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  9. People who hurt people like this, like to do this to people because it helps them avoid their own insecurities about themselves.

    I know this because of a personal experience I had with someone online. The person online who would harass me was very clever at insults/comebacks, but their personal life was a joke. They have no friends and is a loser.
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  10. locomia

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    bro social media is for good looking ppl,sorry only above average only ...kk? take care ;)
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  11. Yes, keep your life as private as possible. It’s better to be a nobody than to be famous. Celebrities get bullied and harassed online/offline all the time.
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  12. En?gma

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    Is not only about your own ego, about people that show their asses on instagram, ecc...every social media is litteraly toxic, i can save only pinterest because mostly of the people stay silent. Too many bubbles, you can't write what you want, you always have to argue with hostile people, despite you are writing a peaceful message, this is the default mode of modern brains. Is normal for me to open youtube comments and desire to puke.

    A nice thing we should do today is turn off our brain, when we seen someone, mostly of us judge without know, we think "this guy is unpleasant" or "this guy is nice" without know him. This is really toxic and when i meet someone i think to not judge immediatly. I try to be nice. People that insult you because you are ugly but don't know you, are always in error. A lot of time ago i was sure about this guy, my "only friend", i belived he was something like a bully, a guy without consciousness, unpleasant and listen stories about others how he was toxic years ago . I was so wrong, i refuse to write other details but people that judge without know, this is something wrong.
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  13. arpegius

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    Social media is indeed incredibly toxic and blunt. Before internet people would experience the same criticisms tho. In eastern cultures this is still very prevalent. Chinese people will tell you that you are fat and ugly right away, west became different (pussified?? whatever). Anyway. The lesson to take form this is that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. You only see on social media what they want you to see - meaning that it simply isn't comparable to your (or anybody else's in that matter) lifestyle.
    My solution? Post on social media all you want too - combat fire with fire. Post shopped/heavily edited pics of yourself too, since that's what everybody does. One of my favourite citations says You let the steam off, but you continue on your path, if you don't, it puts you at greatest risk to go the opposite direction. Be realistic (Ronin man ytb). Opposite direction here meaning that you'd just stalk social media even more than if you normally posted.
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  14. skybrowser

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    Social media can even make genuinely attractive people feel ugly at times.
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  15. lol like the top 20% of human kind.... i hear more and more poeple saying: u are not in the 20% top? forget about socializing and social media, poepple will judge you and will disrespect you
  16. yes a dutch celeb votes to have social media be verified by ID, so that people who bully can be identified.
  17. you have exactly the same thing as me... Also the reasons you state are also the reasons why i stay away.... All those fake perfect lifes every where. it sickens me to a level that is unwritable. Its just fucking discusting. They should allow social media only when u put in a ID so thath so called keyboard heroes can be tracked and be punished by bans or something like that.
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  18. wongkunyuk

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    i used ig for 8 -10 hours see something new, but i feel nothing
  19. what exactly do u mean?
  20. PanteriMauzer

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    If i was ugly i couldnt be sexting in badoo because nobody would like me........ maybe if i was ugly it wasnt that bad

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