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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by GREGOR hulse, Jan 27, 2019.

  1. GREGOR hulse

    GREGOR hulse Fapstronaut

    In this thread I am gonna gather everything a know about social anxiety (disorder). This will serve as compilation of tips and way how to cure that anxiety. (immediate help and long term solution also).


    When you are in social setting and you feel overwhelmed.
    • Start to breath more slowly and gently. Try to breath more to your belly. Not only to the upper lungs. That is shallow breathing. Try to do deeper breaths. Do not sigh. Controlly breath.
      • That activates your parasympatic nervour system (google), which is a system what is actived when you relax. It calms you down.
    • Try to speak more slowly and with pauses. That activate your parasympatic nervour system and calm you down. (Don´t over do it, cos you will look like a wack.

    To start curing your social anxiety
    • Sleep more. You need sleep 8-9 hours, that´s optimal. 7 at least. Your body is tired and strained from the phychical pressure. You must rest. A poor sleep increases anxiety.
    • Exercise. Certainly. Lift some weight, both strengh training help you in long term.
    • Meditate - just give yourself a while to be alone with your thoughts.
    • Do some CBT by your own - Cognitive-behavorial therapy.
      • The thought is here to change negative thinking patterns.
    • Don´t eat rafined sugar, don´t eat junk food. That will mess up you hormonal system, raise cortisol levels (stress hormone).
    • Eat heathy
    • Dring a lot of water
    • Do not procrastinate
      • You will be more stress, that´s isn´t good, it only increases anxiety
    • improve your social skills
    • ...
    • Anxiety is sometimes cause by lack of social skill. You can fix that.
    • You may try Verbal expression exercise
      1. Free talking, speak your mind. Just speak what do you think for 5 to 10 min
      2. Next level Speak about one idea only or speak about any given topic.
        • * You may for example read and article and try to retell that article.
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  2. Dimmed_haze

    Dimmed_haze Fapstronaut

    What I'm trying currently is:
    fixing Dysbiosis. Take care of your gut health. It's not very known, but Candida overgrowth induces anxiety. Also your gut bacteria are arguably the most important part of your body.

    Skip from here untill the video down below... If you don't care about my personal thkughts on this.

    My experience(I fixed a big part of my IBS, 4 years of dealing with it, 12 days positive results.);

    Eliminate grains, that are treated with Glyphosate. This screws your gut microbiome.

    Refined sugars, "bad" bacteria and Candida love this.

    Not sure, but I'm trying to avoid anti-nutrients.

    Get quality water. Or try to get quality water.

    Avoid cooking in vegetable oils, even cooked olive oil, and look into what to cook in.

    And lastly, listen to your body. If you drink milk, and 30 minutes later you get stomach cramps. Eliminate it for a while and see if the cramps subside. Reintroduce on an empty stomach, and see if you get cramps again to confirm.


    I can go into how I am fixing this, but I do not recommend it. It involves raw milk. And this can make you sick, but I personally have drank more than 30 litres.

    Do not drink raw milk please, I have been dealing with stomach issues for 4 years. I've tried elimination diets, a lot of doctors help, allergy tests(mostly blood tests, which by the way, can't detect all types of allergies.) etc. etc. And got desperate.

    Do not tell me to stop drinking it either, I'm fully aware of the "risks", and I feel like a lot of them are bollony. It's all dependant on the farmers hygiene and practices.

    1. Eat a natural anti fungal, like raw unfiltered honey
    2. Eat a lot of probiotics. Make your own fermented yogurt, for example. 24 Hours of fermenting is the best.
    3. Don't go too hard, or you will deal with "die off" symptoms.
    --- untill here.

    If you want to know just how much gut bacteria affect you, here you go.


    I am not a doctor, if you have gut issues, or any other ailment. Seek medical advice please. I am just stating information I've gathered from; books, medical articles and personal anecdotes. And of course the above information contains my own thoughts aswell. Do not take it all as fact. Do your own research!

    I am trying to make you realize the importance of your gut mainly.
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