Social Anxiety gotten worse? Need some insight

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by pranav02, Jun 2, 2019.

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    Yesterday couldn't have gone worse. I went out with a couple of friends (guys and girls) and we went for a movie - we usually don't hang out so this was something slightly out of my comfort zone. After the movie was over, we went to the food court, to have a good chat and food. The dudes on the right side engaged in their convo and the girls on the left with their own convo as though they didn't know one another and I was clueless, right in the middle. I uttered very few words here and there and I spoke for a maximum of 5 mins in around 45 mins. My brain froze throughout social situation and I had nothing, literally nothing to converse about. Even my answers were one-worded. Worse is the part where I'm 22 days in and don't even know if this was a flatline (I never know if I'm in a FL) or some worse underlying issue.

    It hasn't been this bad ever since my PMO days and I don't know what this is. I'm even more scared considering how I am expose myself to a situation, even scarier as I'd be alone in university in a country far away from the people I know and love and I'm scared that something like this or worse will happen. Would really appreciate your experiences and your inputs :")
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    What I have is Bipolar Disorder. In some cases I get really confident, and in some cases I get social anxiety really bad. So it somewhat has nothing to do with PMO. Because some cases after porn and masturbation I get overconfidence to approach and talk to random girls, whilst in other cases after an hour of porn and masturbation I feel so anxious to even be around anyone.

    Try to identify whether your social anxiety is caused by excessive PMO, or maybe a phase of transition from excessive PMO to abstaining PMO, vice versa.
    My view would be that you are in a transition phase and that you would not to worry about it. Try going out more, it doesn't really matter whether you contribute much in a conversation or not (some people are just really quite). Just try to familiarise with the topics of conversation and the people you're around with, and believe me, you will be talkative if you're used to it.

    Porn does make you depressed, anxious, etc, but another way to release depression and anxiety is thru porn. So careful and try to quit while you're still around the people whom can support you.
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    Hey, man! With the flatline I have similar situation. I kind of don't know - do I have it. Like... I feel like it, but in the same time... Don't :D
    Well, must be flatline, since it's hard and there's some social stress or smth. But don't worry! Train yourself. Get used to these kind of conversations, speak more to people and socialize more and more!
    And yeah... If it's hard - tommorow will be easier, cause after every night there is day!
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