social isolation, low confidence equals midngames

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Jackhammer, Nov 22, 2015.

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    V come to the conclusion that when I spend as much as an hour alone my mind starts to play tricks with me. I start to get stuck into my perceptions and I start to act a bit crazy. So for anyone who understands this can bear with me. Try to keep busy and stay out side call friends or go to the gym. It will do wonders for this. Life is about self improvement that's the name of the game. Find something you actually like which increases your over all self esteem and confidence and go from there. For me the gym is the perfect outlet. I love the mechanics of body building I build muscle fast I see results. I feel better about my self image. Now for the guys hiw are at least 5 months clean on this nofap steak will understand me. The beginners of nofap have a long way to go before understanding this. I go to gym increase my self image in a positive way. Get more girls...understand they do not increase confidence in any way. Your own self image of you does. That's the only way to get girls l. Sleeping with them does not make you any happier then you once were. It all depends on how you see your self. The girls I slee with now are just there really till I find the one...So for the guys who can actually understand this and have past the 5 months of no porn and pmo this is a message for you. Start working on your self image.

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