Social Media (IG,FB) Dopamine Libido and erections

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by FloridaGuy19, Mar 24, 2023.

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    Hey guys!

    Question I was wondering if let's say you used social media Instagram etc and liked stuff with girls and got some attention would that "cure" your dopamine fix and make you less likely to pursue real women in general? What I mean is let's say your "fix" came from social media and you don't have it or delete it would you end up becoming more flirty in public attracting more women etc. I honestly believe when I use it I become lazier and have small erection issues etc but didn't know if it was mental.

    Thanks for anyone that has experience using and deleting it and if any benefits with libido, erections were noticed!
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    I dont really know if deleting social networks benefits to your libido, but I know it benefits your productivity, your mental well being, and gives you extra time to achieve something.

    What I know for sure increases your libido is being desired/wanted and sex with person that desires you.
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  3. For me in my past I know it was easier to talk with Woman online and more nerve racking than ever to talk in real life. I was known as awkward but I would converse online like it wasn’t a problem. I think it was more of a fix of me not realizing it. Along that I got super quiet in real life, never knew how to just relax and be funny, just having a sense of humor changes moods.

    My brother is someone who ain’t wanted to be like, like he could brake up awkward silence or start up conversations like it wasn’t a problem.

    I recovered for almost a good two years in the past and it changed my life around. I got a real interest in woman just all around and just felt their feminine aura. I extremely miss this.. It’s like I almost don’t anymore from this re wire.

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