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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by I Free I, Feb 3, 2017.

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    How does everyone feel about social media and the connection between it and No PMO ? Do you think it has a negative effect on your NoFap goals since there's so much material on there which can cause major urges, thus possibly leading to a relapse ?

    In my opinion, I don't use any of it other than and I feel like if your not careful on those apps or sites, It can end up hurting you in the long run .

    Tell me what you think about it and what works for you (if you are using these apps or sites) to keep away or not focus on the tempting material ...
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    Regarding social media, I've just gotta say... I keep hearing about people getting P-subs from Facebook and my initial reaction was "no, that's not what they mean", but apparently it's true. My question then becomes "who are these people you're following?"

    I don't think I'm being naive, but maybe it's my age group (I'm 41) and all of my friends are around the same age, the females are all like moms talking about their kids most of the time, and nobody on my friends list is showing off their body. It's probably different for the younger generation, but if anyone is having this issue with Facebook, maybe you should scale down your friends list to only include close friends and family if that would help.
  3. Just yesterday evening I posted my thoughts on social media on my daily log. I'll just copy it here:

    Friday evening, sitting in the university's library. In front of me, NoFap and my favourite kebab take away. I haven't had it in months. Also, it's a fantastic feeling not to be at work this time.

    As I read this forum and check facebook later in the day, I realize a thing. The most of social media is nothing more than a waste of time. 'Look at that funny kitten', 'Look where I have been', 'Look at my new sexy profile pic'... 'Give me a like now'. The idea behind social media was to bring people together by sharing bits of our lives with others. Truly noble cause. Sadly, it seems like it doesn't work anymore. It's doing the opposite. Facebook and Twitter are idealised versions of reality, where everything is amusing, perfect and sexy. We know it's not like this. We all have struggles and worries. A part of reality which doesn't exist on social media. It doesn't because we can control the content of our profile pages, so we eradicate things we don't like. Tears, shame, guilt, regrets.

    I realized, facebook does two things with me. It depletes me of my ability to deal with my struggles and it feeds my vanity. As a problem emerges, I don't know how to fight it. So I run away into addictions. A lonely island created in a place where everyone is connected.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't think social media is evil and everything about it is evil as well. As long us we don't use it to instantly reward ourselves or to procrastinate we won't hurt ourselves. This forum is a social media as well. I believe it helps all of us.

    I know I said nothing new. However, reading about the negative effects of social media is one thing. But actually realizing how it affects my own life is different.
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    You made a great point and yes, the age group does play an important role in all of this... I'm 24 and I used to use instagram a little and I know that usually it'll be different from me and you because of the age range... usually I'll say again . Got to admit though, I love the soccer moms, especially in the early to mid 30's lol... BUT as you can see, I don't use any more social media other NoFap and Soundcloud ... Don't want to take a chance. THANKS for your input .
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    I agree with you 100% my brother ! It's not about the tools we do have... It's how you use them at the end of the day . Although I would like to add that I feel like social media & phone technology in general are ruining a-lot of people's human interaction and life experiences... This will hurt them in the future .Thanks for your input as well
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    I agree with @LakeLand. Our current generation is drowning itself in social media.I was using fb and insta for some time and i realised that we are so obsessed by perfection and vanity.I have quit these media now.
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    Facebook give for me an Little dopamine kick know i am without it 3 days :)
    Hardmode Around 200+ days
    Have desire to mo one Time dont know to Make it Or no :/
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    I deleted fb months ago coz it portrays smartphone.i only use nofap and youtube and im going to partially cut off youtube today as well.its a huge waste of time.its a fake media has lost many members in past years coz people are becoming aware.its triggering plus negative.
    Successfull people read and learn.they dont waste their time on these things.hell,they dont even use their fan pages themselves .
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    Social media makes you feel connected to people, but in fact you are totally alone.
  10. Thrices

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    Yes,and fake also in sense that we think we are in skies when someone gives a single like.i know people who get depressed for likes.we can have a great looking macho fb profile while a lot is pending in real life.its duplicate honour.we talk to many girls their who dont even wanna ever meet .social media was meant to bring people closer but its not working as you said.Thanks!
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  11. I decided to quit facebook just couple days ago and I have to say I feel a bit awkward. Like I am cut off from something. I have more time during the day and I need to do something with it.

    Good point about the likes @Thrices. I felt it this morning. I realized, sometimes I visit NoFap not to read nor to write anything but just to check for any notifications. Exactly what I used to do with fb. It's sick. I really struggle to control it. Even when we quit social media it can leave a mark or long lasting damage. This forum made me aware that PMO is not my sole addiction.
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    In todays date,anyone who is little dedicated will get sure success.The issue is the disturbances we have today.its strange how fast years go by,and the reason is we never really wake up to life.we think a 6×3 screen is life.those great times when families used to hang son infamous fishing time.all is getting lost.
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  13. Social media is as important as you want it to be. I was on facebook for a long time and it was part of my life, then I decided to leave facbook, and it's not part of my life anymore and I can't imagine it being. So there you go. And it sure can be trigerring, there has been proves and countless cases already talked about it. In short, social media is unnecessary for your wellbeing or keeping in contact with people.
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    I agree with all of the above so far ...
  15. MJ Warrior 93

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    I used to have facebook, years ago. But I deleted my account, because it became full of shit now. Most people I knew don't talk to me no more for no fuckin reason. They'll just see you as a stranger. If it goes that way, then what the fuck's the point of keep using it? You'll just keep wasting your time there.

    As for instagram. I still have it, but I'm not using it as much as I used to. It's hard to keep getting followers and shit, the number of followers will go up and down. And here's why I laid off for a while: Too many fucking girls in bikinis, dancing, kissing and shit. Just... no way, man! Fuck that. Nope! Uh-uh! If I go back there, I'll just go auto-pilot on peeking these kinds of photos and I'll get triggered. I don't want that shit to happen to me again.

    Youtube: Yeah, I go there alot for a while. But what I get to watch there are videos with motivating speeches, people training martial arts (which I do it daily), and some necessary instructional videos. I don't watch those stupid vine videos, I don't watch shitty trendy youtubers like Smosh, Pewdiepie, Markiplier, etc. Anyways, what I can do is to limit the time of entering this youtube, when to and when not to.

    Don't get me started with Twitter, because I've never ever used that shit in my life. Lol.. seriously though.

    Well, that's all I gotta say. Please, pardon my harsh words and grammar, I don't talk completely professionally like all of you guys.
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    I'm doing Facebook messenger at the moment and that's it. I'm not strong enough for anything else!
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  17. Same here.
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  18. I am wondering if I should extend my reboot to 'no social media' with an exception of messenger. If reboot is about re-wiring a brain into its fabric settings, maybe it should/can be used to cure other addictions. And I realized my brain is pretty much fucked not by porn only but by social media as well.
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    That's actually a good idea ... You got me thinking about doing the same (not with social media since I don't use it) but with other things ...
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    10 Reasons Why Social Media Is Ruining Our Lives

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