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    Yes that's called digital detox.
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    Social media is great for professional purposes to allow people to discover what you offer and stay connected to you. It is also useful for keeping in touch with friends and family if you live far away from them and would otherwise not get a chance to see them very much at all.

    There is a line that people often cross with social media, and it seems these types of people are part of the reason you quit it.

    I quit it too, but not because of triggers. Although I am guilty of 'digitally molesting' countless females during relapses on Facebook. If all those women knew what I was doing with their pictures. I would openly tell them if confronted and am actually going to admit to one. Getting away from what I want to talk about in this thread.

    Triggers are everywhere. Eventually we will be tested, it's the nature of the world. Being tested by temptation makes us grow stronger. If we fail the test we become weaker and have to start over. This is the reality of our universe. We can get there if we are determined. Get to the place where we respect all people regardless of their appearance and do not choose to lust at their forms.

    I am far from that place but have learned in the most painful of ways that place must be gotten to in order to become truly free, to find lasting freedom.

    I have listened to spiritual leaders advise us to guard our senses though so if you are seeing alot of sexually charged material quitting until you really have gotten a grip on your senses is probably the best idea. And change who you friend and what pages you follow on social media if you do use it and keep seeing sexually explicit crap that people cannot help but post.
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    Great Post ! Thank You .
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    To be honest, Facebook has never been a trigger for me. I like using it because it allows me to stay in contact with family that lives in another country. LakeLand made a very good point regarding social media, so It's something I will defenitly reconcider. But if a girl I know uploads a picture onto Facebook no matter how beautiful she is, I won't look at the picture and say hey now I'm turned on by that, I would just think that is a beautiful picture of her, perhaps give her a like and move on.

    But some of us more prone to give in when we see pictures like that, so if that's a trigger for you I would highly advise you to stay away from social media (as I'm sure you are already doing).
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