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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Abetterbrain, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. Abetterbrain

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    I was wondering if anyone has noticed a change in themselves since using porn.

    As a child I was very social and used to seek out friends And loved meeting new people. As a teen I was very much the same but as an adult I’ve gone through hell and back with regards to social anxiety, depression and insomnia. This could be due to other evens in my life but I can’t help but think daily porn use made me worse at socialising. As an adult I am pretty good at socialsing and fairly confident but don’t have the drive to socialise like I used to.

    As many orhers claim on here, when they abstain they seem to find interaction easier. I feel the same when I go a while without PMO. My mind feels sharper and speaking is effortless.

    Other’s input would be great.
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  2. ExitSamsara82

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    Absolutely. The short lengths of time that I’ve gone without PM, I find that not obsessing over porn results in me being more calm, and more in the moment. And that carries over into my interactions with other people. I’m more comfortable, and they’re more comfortable with me.
  3. sherif1987

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    I hope I feel that way eventually. I'm in my third week and I still can get very socially anxious.
  4. ExitSamsara82

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    Full disclosure: I’m also on antidepressants (Cymbalta) that ease my social anxiety. I’m not saying you need them, too—that’s your call. But I’d suggest it as a possibility if you find your social anxiety is difficult enough.

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