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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Rojas202, Dec 7, 2020.

  1. Rojas202

    Rojas202 Fapstronaut

    It's been 40+ days since I began this, guys. But somehow... It doesn't make me happy; so that, I'm considering to tell everybody about my addiction. Something is telling me that this move will wipe out PMO forever for me.

    If I told everybody, what's the worst could happen?
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  2. OhWhenThe

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    The worst thing that could happen is that they don't understand what you're going through and tell you that there's no such thing as porn addiction ... which could lead to you thinking that they're right and ending up straight back at where you started.
  3. Little Prince

    Little Prince Fapstronaut

    If you managed to get such a good streak just keep at it. There is nothing others can help you with at this point. Like OhWhenThe mentioned it might be discouraging.
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  4. Rojas202

    Rojas202 Fapstronaut

    I just relapsed. Looked at some pics for about 10 minutes; just did that, no masturbation or something.
    On confessing my porn addiction, I'll still do it. I don't really care about as to whether they can understand or not. I no longer want this to be a secret. Shame will wipe out this! So shame on me! I'll commit social suicide!
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  5. youngandsuffering

    youngandsuffering Fapstronaut

    Yeah your right it is social suicide. There's practically nothing to gain from telling everybody. At most you should tell your family or partner.
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  6. Rojas202

    Rojas202 Fapstronaut

    Yeah, I'll tell my parents first. Just hope this does not lead me to real suicide lol.
  7. TS_7

    TS_7 Fapstronaut

    I would think it through before telling your family (parents, siblings, children etc.) unless other people
    are not enough and you see no other way, cause this might have a tendency
    of causing awkard long lasting mental incest type of issues.
    Partner is the best idea in my opinion.
    Also non-family people of the gender that is not interested in your gender is a better choice in my opinion.
    Once you say something it cannot be unsaid and might create new issues.
    You decide.
  8. Overforme

    Overforme Fapstronaut

    Telling close people doesn't work. I've tried. I've told relatives and thought it'd help..long story short, it did not help at all. Why? Because if your addiction owns you and you have access to the drugs - in this case pmo - you still will fail. A better approach, rather than telling a bunch of family and friends that absolutely do not understand pmo at all, is to remove every device or start restricting them immediately.
  9. ADMG

    ADMG Fapstronaut

    Adding in my 2 cents:

    I've told a handful of close friends, never family. Overall, it's been a net positive. Even though I was hoping that they would help keep me more accountable, and they haven't really done that (at least not long term; with perhaps one exception). Still, I know I can go to them if I need something from them... just not routine accountability.

    I would not recommend telling everyone. I've been there where I felt like I should just tell everyone and that way everything would be out in the open... but honestly, everyone really doesn't want to know that you struggle with this!

    Also, I might suggest connecting with a Christian men's group or some other support group. Something like Sexaholics Anonymous or Celebrate Recovery. I've done a little bit with Celebrate Recovery and that was a positive experience, being able to connect with others who understand what you're going through, while reducing (or eliminating) the shame of it. And while I've never really had a men's group or done Sexaholics Anonymous, I've read that people have similar experiences there.
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  10. Alright:)

    Alright:) Fapstronaut

    Breath hold , cold shower , push ups , do one of these when you feel weak . Or think about your pre-historic ancestors that haunted giant ass elephants for food , and share some respect for them . Be hard .
  11. Address007

    Address007 Fapstronaut

    Most of my friends understand the harmful effects of porn, and practice NoFap themselves

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