Socializing with girls: now or later?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by lucaspalasios, Feb 28, 2017.

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    Hey guys, I apologize in advance if it's a repost question and for my not-so-good english since I'm brazilian and english is not my native language.

    So, socializing with girls - aka flirting - should I wait for the reboot to be done or should I just do it? Every time I'm talking to a girl (with second intentions) I imagine the point that I'll have to tell her I have ED because of porn and that she may think that I'm a pervert, a weirdo or, even worst, tell every girl out there that I can't get it up.

    This thought destroys my self confidence, which makes me to avoid any type of social approach with women. What should I do? Wait for my boosted awesome f**king confidence or suck it up and do it?

    Any tips to make the getting-to-know girls process easier are very welcome.

  2. Sam Hell

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    What if you flirt with women, and occasionally it leads to something where you want to come clean and tell them you have PIED, and one of these women is understanding, and really amazed that you are fighting against something so deeply entrenched in our culture? What if by being yourself and up front with you who are, you find a partner in crime? What if just 1 in 100 women who you are honest with can accept it, but that is The One?

    The answer to your question depends on your goals. You can certainly flirt with women and NOT ever have sex with them. But if you want a RELATIONSHIP with one, start from and maintain a position of openness and honesty. That's my old man advice for you.
  3. How do you know you have ED?
    SERIOUSLY... has it gone wrong with a woman? Or is it just masterbation you have issues with.

    That excitement of having sex with a new woman will overcome a lot of porn induced ED in my opinion. What a thrill!
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    Eae, blz? Have you thought about talking normally to girls? Like if it where just another person? This can resolve the problem, by granting the necessary confidence to flirt with woman and can be done at any point of the reboot.

    As for flirting, it has much more to it than PIED. Do you have money? Are you emotionally available? Do you want a hook up or a girlfriend? Is it just fear trying to talk you out of the situation by making this thread?

    Be honest with yourself and the answer will come.

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