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  1. Just a random question for everybody here. Would you rather be here in today's current society? Or would you go back in time and what period/decade would that be?

    To be honest I am thankful for being here in today's current society although...Half of me wants to be back in the 70's, 80's, or 90's. It felt more simple, because how people are and this country now is bringing me down. It's not the same feeling as from back in early 2000. But I guess what can you do people change and time changes along with it.
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    Nothing beats pre-smartphone era. It's amazing how we let one simple device divide us...

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    While I think it'd be fun to visit other times, I don't think I'd want to live there. Humans are really, really adaptable and we learn LOTS of stuff sort of by osmosis as we grow up. But that does mean that if I visited any other time (pre about 1970) I wouldn't have the first clue how to act, and I wouldn't have the sorts of social structures and grounding that everyone else in that time is pretty much born with. It'd be like visiting a foreign country, and in the case of much of history, a pretty violent foreign country...

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    It's the best time we are living in the history of humanity I think: comfort, technology, rights and freedom, even spiritually we are in the easiest time to get saved since today's "church age" requires only faith in the good news instead of keeping the law like under Moses times. So it's actually the best time I guess, despite the satanic conspiracy becoming more and more obviously blatant, well guess what: the Rapture is at hand.
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    I would prefer living in the 50's, it was kind of an healthy traditional society back then not as degenerate as it's today.
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    Personally I would like to go to the future. Just curious I guess.
  7. Yes. Although it helps us in communication and job's. It can be used as a tool to get further in life. It's also poison I believe. I don't know how much I can tell you that I don't see one person without there phone for one day. Especially in the break room at work everyone is on phone's. When I actually have a conversation with a coworker it is nice and a break.
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    Yeah, casual discrimination against gay folks, women, and black people. DDT, CFCs and testing atom bombs. Cold war panic about communists... Conscription if you live in the US. Good old fashioned values ;)
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    Yeah, mainly for the classy good wife-material women I'd say. The sexual "liberation" has actually ruined it all. It was planned by the marxist devil worshippers I guess obviously.
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  10. As a fairly conservative person, I think living in this day and age is getting harder and harder. Liberal values are seemingly becoming more and more of the expected norm, and my values and beliefs are constantly being viewed as "outdated" and often even "evil" or "hateful." Not gonna lie, that's really freaking hard sometimes. It's hard to live my life trying to be kind to people and care about others, only to have them say I'm a hateful bigot because I'm a Christian. That sucks.

    But I don't know that living in a different time would be better. It would probably be better in some ways and worse in others, especially given that I'm a woman who is fully in support of classic, first-wave feminism. I'm content with where I am. It's where God thought I should be, so I trust Him.
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    It's dumb wishing you can go back in time because you can't, and the past is often over romantised when it wasn't all that great. But if I were to go back in time I would go to Palestine in AD 27–29 so I could find if Jesus of Nazareth was the Messiah or just a naughty boy. Back then things were brutal so I wouldn't want to hang about for so long.
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  12. I wouldn’t want to go back to any time really, the only thing I like about back in the day was that it was way colder than it is now. We had not only less rights but more discrimination compared to now, I mean I see women saying they could live in the 1900’s or even the medieval age, why?
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  13. Today for sure. The past wasn't really my thing life style wise
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    I’d stay in the current times. While technology has its downsides, it’s also made life a lot easier.
  15. I want to go to the age where kids didn't have 1000$ phones when they are 12, 2010, sweet times
  16. Yes and no. I think we're all incredibly weak and coddled compared to our ancestors, especially those of us who are millennials and zoomers. We have it crazy good, and in a weird way I sort of feel robbed of that primal, hunter-gatherer lifestyle our ancestors had - even if it was far far more challenging than modern life. This is one of the reasons I'm joining the military: I want that sort of adventurous and self-developing experience.

    That said, modern life has it's own, unique struggles. We wouldn't be here on this forum together if modern life was easy. Ultimately, we can't choose when we were born and we have to make the best of the deck we're dealt. Just make sure you never fold.
  17. Every society has it's plus and minus thingys. I would not trade my situation for anything else.
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    i'm thankful to god to give me a life in this era of technology and internet..actually these facilities are very helpful if we use it is not an's all about how we use it
  19. I feel the exact same way. I wish I was a grown up in the 80s. When I watch 80s and 90s movies or modern movies or shows set in the 70s-90s I can't stop myself from thinking how sweet life must have been wihout all that fucking technology. Even the early 2000s weren't that bad.

    Then came the iPhone and the Internet 2.0 and things never were the same ever again. Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Netflix... they all altered the way people are supposed to naturally interact. And it sucks!
  20. Nah. I already know what happened during those times. I'm intersed in seeing where we go from here even if it is down hill. It's interesting seeing the conspiracies I read about all unfolding in front of my eyes at once.