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  1. I’m fine right here in this point in time. It’s kind of crazy to have grown up during the invention of the internet and watching how society has changed from pre to post internet. The late 80’s, 90’s. and even early 2000’s almost seem like another world compared to present day.

    I think the last time mankind was so changed by an invention it was T.V. and before that I would say the automobile.
  2. 1940's, but it mostly to hear my favorite jazz musicians.
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  3. Yikes, during WW2 huh, that’d be a scary time to be in with war going on around the world. :confused:
  4. I vote for 1990s. Old analog and new digital tech side by side (best of both worlds). That era also features the most beautiful User Interface and industrial design, which did go seriously downhill during the 2000s.

    The Internet was creative chaos for the knowledgeable, the WWW was invented in 1990, the Usenet was a ocean of red-pilled wisdom at its peak and old school BBSes were still around.

    Some really great musical instruments were also made during that era.

    Western Society wasn't as far gone as it is now. Freedom of speech was still a thing.
  5. Yeah it would be a little scary, but jazz was the one thing that people would listen after work or listening
    to the news just get away for just a little while.
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    And magazines featuring short stories by legendary writers.
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    I wish I could go back to the 50s, 80s, or 90s. Early 2000s was good too. I just feel out of place with my generation. I don't have any social media besides Instagram, which I barely go on anyways. My friends (I don't have many friends to begin with) respect this and think I'm pretty bad ass. My friends are traditional like me. My generation isn't bad, since it seems most of my generation (Z) are starting to lean more right in the political range as we get older since our parents (X) don't want us to end up as millennials (no hate to gen Ys). I feel the 90s would have been the best for me since my favorite cars are from that era and offered a good analog feel instead of today's computers on wheels, as well as the phones weren't that big of a thing too and people actually met up with one another instead of being isolated. I feel a lot of people are isolated nowadays and don't want to hangout and look at me crazy when I don't do things people in our time do. I started using my phone a hell of a lot less, and work on my school work and car than anything. I don't need any new gadgets to be honest, as I am happy with reading books and maybe an old gameboy I have. I do not like the music made in our time. I will say though, the medicine in our time is so much more advanced and amazing! I am just blessed to be alive and have amazing parents, great friends, and a life where I can wake up and enjoy the world we live in.
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    That's a very hard question to answer. It's easy to look down on our current society and glorify that of another, mostly because many of us didn't live in another time, or were too young in another to realize what it was truly like back then. You see, each time period had its own challenges and dangers, and its own problems. Today is no different. And today's society seems crazier than any other in a lot of ways, but in truth it isn't. People today get so much attention because of the internet. Things that used to be hidden away in small towns now get a spotlight and public outrage. Everything gets a voice, even the things that don't deserve one at all. So problems get illuminated. Many other generations had similar issues as well, only there wasn't an internet spotlight to reveal them all. Therefore, I think that the society of today is not so easily tossed out, and I cannot answer well to which age I would rather live in. These are just my thoughts on the subject.

  9. I’m with you. It did seem more simple back then—it also seemed like people had more of a ‘purpose’ back then too as weird as that sounds. Masculinity was still praised— society seems softer nowadays with all the social media, Uber Eats etc.

    What struggle will we tell our kids once we’re older? That we had to deal with online trolls? Lol

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