Solid NoO, but still watching P on the regular

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by PrioritySystem, Oct 19, 2017.

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    I've gotten very succesfull in the habit of saving up the seed.

    However I still watch P (not exactly P but some strange fetish that I like to watch) on a regular basis (have a marathon session of watching and edging about twice per week)

    It seems almost impossible to break this. I've been retaining semen for about a month now. I also don't come when having sex (maybe because I'm not really in love with the girl). But I guess it's a good thing since girls never get enough, it's better for them if I don't cum so quickly (or at all).

    I think that it would be better for me to quit watching those vids, however after about 5 days I am so very horny that I just cannot convince myself not to do it. Also I constantly feel energetic anyway because of the semen retention (but still a little anxious and antisocial the days after my edging). If I'm extremely horny, the thought of being a little anxious for a few days does not scare me enough to keep myself from watching. It's hard.

    I am curious to hear what your thoughts are about this.
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    Edging is almost as bad as full PMO, you are reinforcing your addiction.
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    IMO if it sexually excites you it is porn. And if you are edging to it you are masturbating. Your tracker is set for no P or M, so you are not meeting those goals. I'm not being critical of you, just calling it like I see it :)

    Sounds to me like porn induced delayed ejaculation from desensitization. Yes, it's good to not come prematurely, but to much of that specially to the point not coming at all is not the best deal for you.

    I have some of the same issues. I stopped all P and M, which by definition means no edging, and only have limited sex with my wife. I also get horny, but it's not nearly as bad now as it was at the beginning. I find spending quality time with my wife, cuddling, caressing, massaging, just being intimate really helps me and her too, and if it leads to more than that it's been good for us both.

    Edging is not IMO a good thing for a reboot. It is one of the more powerful things that lead to porn induced dysfunctions for us because of the way it creates and reinforces addictive brain changes we get from too much PMO. Semen retention is secondary for me in my reboot as long as it doesn't involve P or M, so just with my wife with me concentrating totally on her without any fantasizing about anything else. That can still have a bit of a chaser effect which means I'll be a bit hornier for a while afterwards, but that's OK as long as I stick to my plan.

    Yes it's hard, but it's gotten easier for me as time goes by. IMO if you don't bite the bullet and resist you will just sabotage your reboot and recovery. Best of luck with it PrioritySystem!
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