Solitude, Habits and PM Adiction

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Slingr, May 30, 2019.

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    Since i started my track to make myself a better person (nofap was one of the tools I found), I’v been looking for new habits and methods to help me. One of these was meditation (lots of people has the wrong look of it). Well, in one of these moments of reflection, i noticed that solitude affects me more than I thought, and it might me the reason of many other people that is addicted to porn.

    It is known that bad habits and a lazy routine leads us to procrastination, like waste so much time in games, series and social media’s, neglecting study, health and responsibilities in general. All of these useless habits makes us feel anxiety, bored, “depressed”. Masturbation is so an easy way to make our organism feel better, but just for a few seconds of dopamine injection.

    The points is that we rarely stop and think why we always find for games, series, social media’s and pornography. The common thing between these evades from reality is our need to be close to people, even if you are the one who doesn’t feel much the need of presence of others around you, like me. We go to Instagram to laughter of memes, to read about things we find interesting, to check other people’s life. We row our WhatsApp, directs or whatever app you used to chat to find someone to talk, even if in dead groups. We watch YouTube videos to distract ourselves from our loliness. But when all of these escapes becomes saturated, you Appel for porn. And the cycle starts every new day, just like happened to me today. After your orgasm, you realize that you lost your time and energy that could be used for studying, working, playing sports and making you a better you.

    I hope I have helped you with my words. Comments and opinions below will help to make this discussion richness

    Good luck in your journey;
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  2. Solid post, welcome Slingr!

    I've been working with one other guy in our team performing a mind-numbing, repetitive task for the last 40 work hours. We've had such a great time, it's been awesome. Everything from philosophy to social commentary to outright conspiracy, all the way through to complete delirium, unable to finish sentences and collapsing in laughter. He's ex-military so he has an awesome perspective of how messed up the world really can be.

    We've talked about all the things you've just said there, minus porn, over the last week. For me it's been great knowing that there are people out there who aren't hippies, no real strong political bent, who are realising and recognising how destructive the distraction-based society we're accepting for ourselves is becoming. Our discussion on VR was one of the funniest things ever...

    In regards to solitude, I fucking love it! It's my ideal way of being- engaging in social contact if and when I want to, though admittedly I'm working at becoming a bit less introverted than I have in the past.
    I'm the kind of person who would be quite comfortable living alone in a shack in the forest indefinitely if I could meet the needs of survival and a certain level of comfort.

    I'm of the belief that a lot of people could benefit from more time spent alone and away from their devices. The line between 'virtual' and 'reality' is blurring incredibly quickly. IMO, once we get to immersive augmented/virtual reality experiences, we are legit fucked. Doomed. It's very important to be aware of that change happening and not opt to spend vast amounts of time immersed in those environments. I'm a fair Luddite, I secretly (well, I'll tell anyone whom I feel it's appropriate to,) hope that some kind of EMP wipes out a vast portion of the data servers housing a lot of our financial and personal information some day. That would be about as close to freedom as we'll ever get, hahah :p
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    If you haven't already done so, please read the "Getting Started Guide" available on this site's home page. It includes a lot of information that you will find helpful as you start your journey of healing. Also have a look at the "Glossary" on the top of this page for definitions of abbreviations and terms that may be new to you.

    One day at a time is how we all succeed.

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