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    So ive relapsed inevitably many times, talked to people I trusted and opened up fully as a confesion if you wanna call it, nothing worked. Read and understood the negatives of my accions however nothing. Then cried andsed god to take this away and all my addictions but the result eventually fell back into reallity of being an addict and started identifyng myself as an addict basically putting a name on my life style,but still felt god couldnt do it for me as choice is given and evolution has all the tools to wanting to preserve life and wellbeing.

    I then after reading many data on my own behaviour have found that identity playes big role acctually one of the most important parts of human being. I never chose who I wanted to be and knowtest my relations with people are consistenly defined by what I think they think about me and how they see me. This identity diffusion has been the root cause, not triggers not will even asking help from creator didnt quite do it but it is important to understand that if my own core identity isnt found I will keep on doing things that are against my judgement and that before changing my actions and attitude are a reflection of what I think I am. In evolution you have one king of something behaving certain way but in humans it is quite interesting to know every one its theyre own species by being completely unique. The picking of known teams, groups and religion is picking whats available to "fit in" and the big picture shows everything being part of one. The identity can be picked and can be strong and defeat any wind that blows however it is a gift and given by the creator, willingness and seeking identity from the source of life is the answer as being real is saying what yoi think/feel by concious and not retaining any negative energy (somathisation) and being what you say because this is clear and was made by councious.

    I trew away or was unwilling to take the meditation routine in my life which is key for fulfillment in peace which is also gift of god. The belief of being able to proggress is the main goal then things unfold the way universe evolution wants but the circumstances dont bend the individual if one is attached with its divine identity, just like wind bends a palm tree. The most deep and true satisfaction is to pass or teach one one has learned and share the comprehension which is what most guys do in this forum, the opportunity laying ahead is not big but great because the femisnism and other circumstances that have bent kids to not understand identity gives us 2 things.
    1. The ability to chosse one at a grown age and not giving by parents.
    2. Understand we are a result of technology that past our humanity, alowing us to forgive ourselfs.

    Forgiveness is important and the main thing is imaging a world with our contribution to give love by doing something of impact to society in even the lowest level which in my case is reaching out to people presenting symptoms of sexual abuse of the self which is unknown because of the perseption of not being it, the self, in its core form and more importantly remaining as it with self assurance causing confidence which is the repeated success over time. So it is that to be stronger against pmo one must know its root and stop identifying with external identities. God bless all and it is in coincious understanding I impulse us to find identity in its core form which curiously emanes love.