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  1. This is an off topic area of discussion.

    I went to the court today to pay a fine for underage drinking which is fucking bullshit. It turned out the fine was $265 fucking dollars for drinking a beer, wtf.

    When the clerk told me this, i lost my shit. I cussed her out and a cop that was in the court building came up to me and told me to leave or he was going to place me under arrest.. I payed my bitchass fine and left, I leave my town less than a week and i wouldve been in jail for at least a week if i pulled up in this cop in the court building. So I walked outside and simply left.

    Know im chilling and doing hw/studying but I really want to go back and find this cop and tell his ass off. If he wasnt a cop in a court building i would not have let that shit ride..

    I love police officers, just not when they fuck w me. i usually dont get angry but this morning i was very angry.

    fucking 265 $ for drinking a fucking beer... Now tell me that isnt some bullshiitt?!?!?!?
  2. I am debating going back, i dont want to let that shit ride
  3. Protagonist

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    Drinking in a public place?
  4. Are you mad? Don't go back. You'll get in even more trouble.
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  5. vulture175

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    Ah you already paid the fine, u can't get it back, so just leave it. Shit happens sometimes. My friend went to jail becuz he ride his bike on the sidewalk lol, so it's ok.
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  6. Yeah i actually wasnt even drinking, i just had a case of beer walking from the store and the cop pulled up on me illegally i think. i dont think you can just search random people. but hey it is what it is
  7. life keeps moving.. you right i paid it i was just heated lol its all good now. i dont feel like going to jail over his bitchass, espicially w my criminal history ill be there for a min
  8. Protagonist

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    Ohhkay, so you should be careful then. Btw, Which country?
  9. Why did you payed? Couldn't you fight that?
  10. I Free I

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    I understand where your coming from with this man, that's insane ... Breathe in,Breathe out / You always want to think before you act or you'll lead yourself into a path of destruction .
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    Did he live in North Korea? What the hell
  12. Baden

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    Yup, here in Trump land you can shoot people before you can drink a beer. Makes perfect sense o_O
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  13. Poseidon

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    The clerk has nothing to do with your case. She has no authority and she didn't decide how much your fine would be. All she does is read back what's showing on her computer screen.
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  14. thanks guys. this problem is actually so insigin
    well im underage
  15. Lmao better than having Crooked Hillary or Bernie. We really dodged the bullet there. The two people that have no common sense on how to run our nation.
  16. Yeah thats true
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  17. Waldo101

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    Paying a fine of a couple hundred dollars is actually within the norm in America. This is not a parking ticket.

    A 14 year old child with alcohol is illegal in America.
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  19. Ah Waldo is in the house. Well you're not wrong. I'm 20 years old, which is shamefully still illegal. If I dont believe in a law and I want to do that crime, im going to be doing that crime. It is that simple. The drinking age being 21 is absolutely ridiculous, this is undisputed. The cop took my fake ID and kept saying that he normally would throw me in jail bc i lied about buying the beer. He said this 3 times and i told him to either drive me downtown or write me a ticket and let me go. He let me go.

    White privlage is very existent and I have been on that boat many times. Like I broke alot of crimes (not stupid crimes like drinking, real crimes) and gotten caught and just been detained, never arrested. If I wasn't a relatively rich white male, I would've been thrown in jail no question. Hell one of my buddies that was an older black male. Him and 3 other people including myself got a theft charge and everybody except the black man got off. He went to jail for literally just sitting there in the car. Nothing else, ive witnessed it first hand. We all got community service, which mightve been worse than going to jail tbh
  20. I drink/do drugs almost daily, or daily. Refer to the last post. Do you follow these ridiculous laws (underage, drugs, speeding, etc) bc its illegal and your "afraid" of the consequence or do you follow these laws bc you truely believe that they are right and just? Thats what I thought

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