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    Hello guys,first post here i hope i hit the right thread if not sorry in advance as admins would probably have to move the post to another thread
    Anyways here is my story
    Was a kid like 12 years or less old when i had my first ejaculation
    Remmember i used to fap to some hentai stuff as a kid,later on i started watching lesbians or single girls masturbating and almost never watched any real intercourse,dont know if all these matter,but i continued to do this for years,usually i jacked off like once a day but there were some days that i did it like 3-5 times
    All fun and games until i lost my morning wood i remmember not having a morning wood as teen and i was so clueless that i didnt even think its not normal.
    Weird stuff was i was able to get a pretty figrid and dense boner when looking at porn

    Later on in my life i went to Sweden to work as a farmer,i was in a room with some other people so i was not able to jack of like used to,and i was okay with that as i was pretty sure thats what i needed to do,at day like 15 or 20 i started to get super strong morning woods every morning

    Anyways dont want to make a huge post (even doe its already pretty big)

    Why im here now is because im addicted again,everyday i return after work i jack off once,i did 3 days without masturbation but on the 4th day i masturbated for like 5 times lol,which btw is like my record

    I wanna talk about semen nutrition and minerals

    So i started weigthing how much i lose with 1 ejaculation
    When i do it once a day the amount of sperm i lost was 4-5 grams but usually in the middle,so when you take a look at sperm nutrition on Google it says 3% of it is Zinc
    Zinc as you probably know is a mineral,that keeps your immune system in tip top shape,also good for nails and hair,keeps your memory in good condition,helps your body grow adequately in puberty and many more beneficial stuff
    So i weighted what i lost today after jacking off and it was 5 grams of sperm
    5 grams is 5000 miligrams 3 % of that is 150 miligrams of Zinc
    When you buy some zinc supplements a pill is usually only 10 miligrams of zinc,not to mention modern diet often has unadequate amounts of zinc in it,so just imagine how much you lose on daily basis,and that stacks up so much
    I get colds so much easier when i jack off,and this makes sense if you think about it
    Most animals mate in the summer when its harder to get a cold and they safe their sperm (minerals) for the winter (thats just my thought doe not saying it as a fact or anything)
    Im starting my nofap journey today i aim to hit 30 days to see what happens maybe that patch in my beard will go away we shall see,and i will report ! Have an awesome day/night!
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    Welcome :) I wish you the best to succeed and meet your goals :)
    Don't beat yourself up too much about the past. Shame only drags you more down the vicious cycle. What happened has happened and you can't change it, but you can surely change the future :)
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    Thanks,i dont feel ashamed from my past,infact im glad i learned that this is not the way life is ment to be lived i decided to get healthy altogether decided to stop eating bread aswell i mean it was the other thing that was ruining my health as i already kicked smoking habbit's ass,and my work is highly physical so fapping and eating crap food is the number 1 things i can do to start fixing my health problems (which are numerous even doe i look healthy from the outside but that is another problem) anyways guys i hope you all have a good day!
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