Some day I feel like a lion in cage

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by WernerHeisenberg1993, Apr 11, 2020.

  1. WernerHeisenberg1993

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    27, still virgin now in quarantine. Found this great site.
    But some days are nightmares, I only want sex cause I think that a man like me should deserve it. A normal, healthy sex. But I'm lonely and in Quarantine.
    What can I do for this? Any suggestion?

    Thanks so much
  2. Grimes_27

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    I feel you man. That kind of situation can be troubling, especially if you're single. It's extremely easy to get back to masturbation, only to release tension. Instead of thinking about it all the time, you can use that energy you have to do some other, productive stuff. Improve yourself now, and when the lockdown will end up one day, you will walk out of your house like a king, and believe me, girls will notice that.
  3. Max666

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    What you should do is appreciate time. Time is a gift. That's what life is all about; how you utilize time. You can squander it by fixating on sensation or you can use it to harness your strengths, fill your head with knowledge, prepare yourself for the world. The choices you make are what determines your moods, nothing more.
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  4. everybody is in quarantine and missing sex. you have to wait like everybody else. and you need to make a game plan to loose your virginity asap after quarantine because nobody likes old dick trust me lol
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  5. Protagonist

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    In one of your posts you said "virginity is a blessing", while here you're contradicting your own opinion. o_O
  6. It's a blessing when your in your 20s bro if you going on forty and still a virgin, you think girls are going to see that as pure or undesirable?
  7. fapequalsdeath

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    Fuck time and fuck this you gotta channel your energy bullcrap. How the fuck are you supposed to do such a rhing, if it was possible there wouldn'y be a site like this. I was an addict before the lockdown and after it. The underlying problem is that I am full of hatred of the world and myself and I can't get over it. I merley exist abd xontinue my pathetic life without improvibg it since I have lost all hope. I honeatly feel like living alone in the woods but i cannot even make that decision. Fuch this shit.
  8. Emileo Delcarme

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    Hi buddy.

    If I may add a little, if it might be of any help.

    I'm a 28 yo virgin. I've spent most of my twenties hoping that I would get the opportunity to lose my virginity. I spent most of my time pmo'ing while in this state of hope. How could I have expected to lose my virginity when I was wasting away my seed every other day. How could I have expected to be attracting to the opposite sex when I had nothing to offer.
    I didn't realize until recently that there was more important things I could of done or redirected my thoughts to achieving some type of personal growth or goals. While hoping, I ended up reading books on how to attract the opposite sex but had no confidence in actually putting this knowledge into action. I used to think that if I could attract just one female and get her to my bedroom I would be a virgin no longer. I did have a few opportunities to actually lose it but lacked initiative cause of this emptiness which was inside of me which I call fear. I'm not just a virgin but completely suck at attracting the opposite sex. It's like I've been quarantining my whole life.

    So with me going on a no pmo streak( currently 50 days) my mind has been clearer on reflecting my past and the person I was. I've realised that there's no point in me complaining about not losing my virginity. Why can I not treat being a virgin as a man who has fought the temptations that other men gave in so easily to. I've also realized that maybe I wasn't ready to lose my virginity because there's still some things inside of me that I need to work on. Why not just accept who and what I am and live my life in a different way than the one I was living before. Like I need to change for myself and not for recognition. I need to find meaning in life. All these and many more thoughts have been on my mind while in lockdown.

    Ive only been outside the house about three times during the lockdown here in South Africa. Most of the time I'm cooped up in the house. I got rid of my tv, earphones and iPad. I don't see women at all. I don't visit porn sites or do social media. I've blocked out all access to women both on my cellphone screen and in real life. This has given me more time to reflect on things that really matters. I spend most of my time reading and in my own thoughts. It's not that I don't want the physical touch of a woman. I just need to work on myself and the rest will come along. Being in isolation has made me realize that there are more important things in life than losing my virginity ( which I spent most of my late teens and twenties obsessing about).

    I can only tell my story for you to see that there are more important things in life that status.

    One of my favourite quotes I've read recently that has really helped me on my journey: "Make yourself great and you will be humbled. Humble yourself and you will be made great".

    I really wish you the best bro.
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  9. ahighertruth

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    first and foremost its totally fine that you are a virgin. there is nothing wrong with it. nofap not just helps you interact with women it helps you take control of your life. look im 31 and in the worst position ever. people used to say i was lucky that i was born in a wealthy family, but after my mom died at a young age i never had any guidance. i got addicted to porn and weed and the habits grew worse. wasn't until i was 29 that i realized i am fucking up and stumbled upon nofap and leaves reddit communites. from there i still struggled with my addictions and i can say ive been progressing well the past 6 months but im in nowhere near the right place. im unemployed, even though i try everyday to find a job. i realize now my mistakes and its really from a dedicated lifestyle to nofap. i pray everyday that i can be admitted to this school i applied to back in the winter, and i will strive to do whatever possible to land a job in the field i desire. these are motivations you get from nofap. its never too late to start.
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  10. Age doesn't matter. One of my best friends got married at the age of 20 with a woman he did not choose because he loved her, but because he simply had no other options.

    He divorced at the age of 40 and started his journey of overcoming his fear of talking to girls in his everyday life.

    Now he is the strongest, most fulfilled man i have ever met.

    Age doesn't matter it's never too late.
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  11. Awedouble

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    Tell me about the lion. I don't think it is just the sex drive, part of what made me click on your post is your nickname. I gotta imagine your mind has some of that lion in there.

    You know it's funny for me, I'm not missing the social aspect right now, not as far as sex and not even generally. I actually got turned off towards the traditional recovery communities, which are the only groups having regular or frequent meetings on Zoom probably because I realized they will never listen to ideas, even ideas that can help with addiction. And that might be the best environment for possible romantic involvement, even with specific individuals, but I'm pretty much walking away from it. It just makes no sense, perpetually indulging in stories but completely ignoring the physics of how it all works and using that knowledge to help ourselves. It strikes me as a waste of time. I'm working in an essential business but I kind of wish I had more time to read and learn, not to be online to just indulge in more of the same.

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