SOME emojis in emoji selection tabs show broken link images: Chrome x64

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  1. Hello! I love this place, but I'm having trouble seeing certain emojis in the emoji selection tabs. I have tried searching this forum for "can't see emoji," "can't view svg" etc. but I don't see any posts that address this issue. Apologies if I have overlooked any relevant posts. To see exactly what I'm referring to please examine the screenshot below.


    I see now that the PNG image above, hosted on Dropbox, does not display correctly either! I don't know if this is a problem with Dropbox - perhaps the newly created link has not been processed yet? The screenshot file's link information reads "anyone with this link can view the file," which seems like the right option to me.

    Here's the Dropbox link:

    I tried removing the "?dl=o" at the end but that didn't change anything.

    Hopefully I have described the problem well enough to make the screenshot unnecessary. I will sort out the Dropbox issue myself, and I know that the emoji problem may well be a problem with Chrome. I have searched for solutions on but have been unable to find a fix.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated - thank you!
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    I have also had a problem with emojis (smilies) not appearing in the smilies menu when I want to insert them into comments. For example, I used to see a juggler and a strongman, now both seem to be gone. It is possible they are reserving access to the whole collection for premium members. Regarding your username, that's a sound I don't want to hear anymore. :cool:

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