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  1. Inspired by John Krasinski’s new idea, we hear so much bad news everyday, let’s hear some good news! Stories of love and light big or small.

    I’ll start us off
    Yesterday my wonderful neighbor mowed my yard without me knowing! I don’t even have a mower yet and this really made my week. I teared up. Before I found that out I was really down in the dumps and it lifted my spirits tenfold!

    A smaller one from yesterday, I also saw several cars stop on a busy road because of a duck waddling across. That made me smile.

    Let’s hear some good stuff!
  2. I recently did the math, and due to all of the cancellations in my business from the virus, I should have lost over $1,000 last month.

    Instead, due to several factors (a few of my clients paid me anyway even though they cancelled, I had an unexpected one-time client last month who paid me $150 even though their job only cost $100, one client randomly paid me double what their job usually costs for no reason at all, my aunt sent me a check in the mail just because, etc), I only lost $145! Such a huge difference!

    I'm grateful for getting to see the ways God has provided for us since all this started.
  3. embodiment of luck

    embodiment of luck Fapstronaut

    I got a vacation the other day for 2 weeks and didn't expect it, I also invested my money and now I am in profit of 100 euro and this
    happened in just 2-3 days, now I have savings worth one of my salary. I go to a sunny beach every day to play chess with a friend.
    People, stay positive and grateful and good things will happen
  4. hollyman

    hollyman Fapstronaut

    today is my birth day

    im just so glad to be alive and thank god that i have so many thing's in my life
  5. I found a kitten that I had lost
  6. Hros

    Hros Fapstronaut

    Happy birthday!
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  7. Hros

    Hros Fapstronaut

    I have soooo much free time now, so I started taking a bunch of courses on Coursera and Edx, stuff I've always wanted to do but didn't have the time to do.
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  8. Happy Birthday.
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  9. It's my friend Ashley's birthday today as well :)
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  10. What a day! Today after work I visited a friend I hadn’t seen in a while and then later I rescued a stray kitty! She (?) is so sweet and warmed up to me quickly. Been feelin especially lonely lately so this is all very uplifting!

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  11. fredisthebes

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    My wife and I realised that we made a mistake in our calculations last year, and she has almost an extra month of maternity leave to take before she returns to work (end of July rather than beginning).
  12. Happy belated birthday dears. God so shine His face on you
  13. He did indeed! That very friend just informed me that she's pregnant. ^_^ she was in the hospital because they thought it was an ectopic pregnancy, but it turns out it seems to be a normal pregnancy! So yay for her!
  14. So great to hear.. "Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?"
    Keep 'Believe'ing
  15. today, we had a tele.communion
    national tv has been broadcasting christian mass led by church leaders gathered altogether since the lockdown
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  16. Happy Easter all! Today we celebrate the ultimate good news! Jesus has risen and defeated sin and death forever!

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