Some helpful links for self improvement and a small talk about relapses...

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    So I just PMO'd but you know what I feel better for it because now I know why I don't want to go back there, but I'm sure we're all sick of these relapse posts so I'll move on to a more positive note:

    I will have no more 'non-zero days'.

    "What is a non-zero day?"

    A non zero day is when you do nothing towards achieving your goals, whatever they may be. Everyday you should try and do one thing, big or small, to reach your goals. So if that means studying, or running or simply meeting someone new then do it

    I got thinking about my old streaks, as they were, and how I made it so long and now cannot seem to. I think the answer is simple: devoted self improvement!

    I find that when I'm lying around playing video games and doing nothing all day I seem to be more likely to PMO, whereas, if I'm meditating, doing yoga, going outside for a walk, practising lucid dreaming techniques, using the law of attraction or simply studying I am far less likely to do so.

    So, from here on out I intend to return to these self improvement techniques and to avoid PMO.

    Links for anyone who is interested in anything I listed above:


    Sub reddit

    Wikihow (good for begginers)


    Amazing youtube channel
    (I recommend trying 30 days of yoga and yoga camp, also be sure to check out her introduction to yoga series if you are new)

    The sub reddit

    Lucid Dreaming:


    The sub reddit

    The Law of Attraction


    The sub reddit

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    This is a nice way to put it. I share your opinion. The most important step was propably the realisation, that this behaviour isn´t beneficial. I relapsed a couple of times, but the overall mindset changed.

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