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  1. warrior17

    warrior17 Fapstronaut

    Hey everyone!
    I'm just like everybody addict...I'm here to share my still going story and help you guys through out your journey..

    I started watching P when I was about 8-9 ( yeah so young )..and I started M when I was 12 I couldn't even come back then..and ever since I'm stuck in this miserable situation..I'm 17 now.
    I have tried so many time to quit this addiction and my longest period of abstaining was 31 day..I started a No PMO program on the 3 rd of March 2015, then I relapsed on 24th of March same year is 26 th of march I'm starting all over again..a PMO free life..this is my journey and it has just begun
    without any further guys..through out my experience I have learned a lot of stuff to help you get through it...yeah I know I failed a lot before but this doesn't mean those tips aren't helpful.

    -The effects: when you are on mood NO PMO you will begin to witness a lot of changes

    1- you will feel enormously happy
    2- you will gain confidence
    3- you will appreciate the little things
    4- you will see the beauty in everything
    5- you will feel like a real man : it has to do with testosterone
    6- you will love yourself and everyone around and appreciate them
    7- your charisma will shine
    8- you will feel successful and motivated all the time knowing you are on your way to recovery and achieving your dream of quitting PMO
    9- you will be more energetic
    10- you will simply be better than you think you'd be

    on the other hand :
    1- you will experience some mood swings every once and awhile : it has to do with the would think you are a bipolar and if you are already a bipolar like myself that's a double challenge
    2- you might feel lost and negative
    3- you might just think to yourself that you see no reason on holding on no more and you have to release

    -The tips:
    1- set your goal
    2- write down the reasons why you need to stop
    3- write down the reasons why you should keep going and not to relapse: read the reasons every once and awhile
    4- use habit tracking apps : simply track yourself
    5- Cold showers: I don't know how they work but they...I never experienced a happiness as the one I got after a cold shower..its like I was bonding with myself lol
    6- Avoid being mad,angry or anything similar at all costs : being negative and mad will make you think of P and M as the only getaway when you think nothing is going the right way
    7- Avoid triggering yourself: don't look at anything that will make you lustful
    8- Dont edge: edging goes hand in hand with relapsing..simply if you start edging you wont last long..the beginning of the don't do it
    9- Workout or do any other activity that you like: you'll feel good I promise
    10- start your day positively : read some positive quotes..
    11- Always remind yourself why you started and where you want to be
    12- Seek help if needed : use websites or close persons to you...I'm sure everyone here would be glad to help

    Well I guess I've covered it all...if you think I've missed something feel free to add it in the comments...I hope that was helpful

    Let's start the none ending journey..
  2. steez

    steez Fapstronaut

    Definitely avoiding anything triggering can make the journey easier. I believe it is also good to generally unhook from the media for a while and spend more times noticing ones real desires, instead of constantly staying under the influence of external stimulants. To spend more time with oneself, and by that i don't mean staying home alone all the time. I mean trying to find more inner peace and get to know oneself better. Let's give ourselves time to think, and not just constantly bombard our minds with tons of often useless information. I think this may help with the "auto-pilot" mode that often leads to relapse.
    I wish you all the best on your journey and welcome to the community :).
  3. warrior17

    warrior17 Fapstronaut

    I totally agree with you has to do with long as one work on himself during the journey He'd be just fine
    And thank you for your kind words
  4. JensDK42

    JensDK42 Guest

    I remind myself that if I don't change now, when will I? I will end up postponing.
    "And I keep wondering, wondering, wondering, when will my life begin?"
    It begins when I choose to begin it.
    And I'm pretty happy with myself after I quit PMO. Anyone seeing me on the street see who I am. There's no big secret. Maybe that I'm a big softie and am philosophical, but at least there are no really bad secrets ;)

    (Now at 23 days)
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  5. warrior17

    warrior17 Fapstronaut

    That's great bro keep it up hurts so's not even worth it to relapse
    and you are right if I don't change now then when..??!!
  6. Kurapika

    Kurapika Guest

    Another tip is that if you are in school or college : Focus on your studying.It really helps a lot.
  7. warrior17

    warrior17 Fapstronaut

    Easier said than done...
  8. Kurapika

    Kurapika Guest

    Not really , I am studying computer science at college and studying is greatly helping me getting rid of this destructive habit.I realise you may have problems with procrastination , so the best solution is dividing your day into solid blocks , each block consists of one or two hours and is specified for a particular task.Once you do this and use your willpower to force yourself stick to it for two or three days it will become very easy to study regularly.
  9. warrior17

    warrior17 Fapstronaut

    Thank's bro...I'll try this and divide my day...I hope it will help me
    Thank's again!
  10. Asgardian36

    Asgardian36 Fapstronaut

    Hey friends

    Thank you for post, warrior17!!!!

    & Kurapika I complete agree with you man! When we keep ourselves busy, we are less likely to relapse. Because I did made my best No PMO streak in the months of Oct-Dec. I was doing a part-time work at that time, so FEAR of relapsing and missing on a day's work helped me stay Strong. Plus Cold showers, as you have said, W17, work like MAGIC! :)

    Apart from the things you already mentioned, I would like to suggest one to Chew Gum (Sugarless) when one is idle or when one is stressful, it helps to reduce stress.

    Also, Breathing Exercises or Meditation work well too, people who have been meditating for a long time, they can explain better on how it has changes their lives. Consistency is my biggest problem, so I cannot keep up my meditation practice for more than 3 days. But once I did 7 days straight and it seemed very hard to get myself to Fap after that because deep down I know that My Life sucked because of NoFap. I am unemployed for 3 years straight and by God's Grace I just passed an exam which makes me eligible to apply for a degree.
  11. warrior17

    warrior17 Fapstronaut

    Yeah bro I heard meditation helps...but it seems to be hard to get to a thoughtlessness state..gotta give it a try though
    Thank's for passing by.
  12. KeenEye

    KeenEye Fapstronaut

    Great post man!
    Also, being READY for the urges and loving the challenge help alot too. Taking this "let them come!" attitude helps put things in their place.
  13. warrior17

    warrior17 Fapstronaut

    Yeah man..I think taking the whole thing as a challenge makes it easier as you have to challenge yourself mentally.

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