Some natural foods I've been using to supplement back to original health

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    Just a small list, maybe you have some and want to share :)

    I take these daily, some need to cycled on and off like cacao, which I do

    - Honey
    - Coconut oil (virgin (exactly the same as "extra-virgin"), cold-pressed and organic)
    - Peanut butter
    - Raw cacao powder (nibbles work as well)
    - Ghee (it's a type of clarified butter which recipe originates in India which I'm far from but I'm telling you, this stuff works nuts! a must for all gym goers and fighters!!)
    - Chyawanprash (also indian stuff I've found online about, it has like 30-40 ingredients; "prash" means jam. This stuff is immensily powerful tonic, best single product in this list)
    - Triphala
    - Shilajat
    - and of course any kind of probiotics :)

    I prefer to supplements like this instead of taking pill which I have tried for years, spend a lot of money on the best brands and best source of a certain vitamin in pillform, etc etc.

    I feel actually empowered from stuff in that list^ than from any pill. Even 100mg of zinc kind of pales for me. I'm sticking to natural stuff.

    [By the way, I am healthy and not deficient or sick. If your doctor prescribes something TAKE IT. The ancients died from infections and blood loss all the time. Modern medicine has pretty much got you covered nowadays, so don't look down on it; but only IF the doctor says so after well intented diagnosis]
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    Great post but do mention how much u consume daily I think that will help me and others a lot thanks.

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