Some NoFap moderators could be occasionally unfair?

Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by Star Lord, Aug 10, 2016.

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    All we can do now is wish for the best to happen.
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    I'd got the impression the nofap mods were very hands-off (no pun intended)... I've seen many highly misogynistic posts which could very reasonably have been deleted by mods but weren't. Modding is a thankless task and they always seem to get criticized by someone no matter what they do.
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  3. Please report anything you find misogynistic. We will always look into reports, be we can't be expected to notice every rule breaking post on our own.
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    Y'all are doing a good-ish job. ;) If not the team as a whole, then you alone are amazing! You're always kind and understanding.

    There are some pretty sketchy threads that I'm surprised are still up. Not even sexually offensive, but racially or sexist-y(?) ones. But I know that they're troll threads 95% of the time. And the other 5% of the time, you have to live and let live. Not everyone holds the same beliefs and opinions, as I wish some would understand. If someone wrongs you, turn the other cheek, right? No point in being upset or someone you can block or a situation where you can simply click away or log off.

    I know if I took everything said here to heart, I would be one of the many pending deletion.

    Keep up the good-ish work.
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  5. Nah, you and your pals are too busy. :rolleyes: We will sort things out ourselves. o_O Impositions like force ignore are just a bloody clumsy way of "looking into reports" without addressing the issues. So, as moderators cannot sort things out, we will do it.
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    Amen to that.
  7. I suppose it is to be expected that certain people are earmarked for special attention. So, once someone has blotted their copybook, their every last word is scrutinized within an inch of its life. Whereas other people in an adjacent post are not given any attention at all. It fucking sucks! I suppose the only response to that would be, "My bad". Better still, "sorry"! :rolleyes:
  8. Has anybody else been notified of inappropriate behaviour by a moderator, and then given the same warning for the same incident a couple of weeks later on? o_O It makes it look like you have had two warnings, when that is not the case. :eek: :mad:
    I want to see if this is a tactic being used against anyone else. Post below or PM me if you prefer. Many thanks, IGY.
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    I don't bother with mods anymore about anything. It never works out.
  10. Yeah, I hear you mate. But I was pulled up for a comment I made about that Themadfapper troll. Two weeks later I was pulled up for it again by the same mod for the same incident. Like, what the fuq! :confused: I hate being targeted in this way. :mad:
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    Yeah it's dumb sometimes, but let it brush over your head IGY. It ain't worth your time mate.
  12. Yeah, you're right. Don't let the buggers bring you down. :cool:
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  13. At this point i think you should just enjoy the forums and forget whatever the mods do. Its meh, they're not going to ban you for random reasons, or at least i hope not.
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    Keeping stuff to yourself is a truly rotten idea. Getting what seems weird, rotten, perverted, etc. out into the light of day lets you see what it really is: kinda boring and just what everybody else thinks.
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    I've been accused of being a misogynist and homophobic and a bigot merely for expressing a Catholic perspective on a thread. I express these opinions ONLY if the OP seems open to it. I've never had a bad response from the OP. But often other people will comment, the SJW, trying to silence what they consider "hate speech" and that's when the name calling starts.
    I've never had a moderator defend my right to do this, or silence my critics, but then again i've never had a moderator try to delete my posts. So all in all, pretty fair.
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