Some people are going to judge me and make false assumptions about me

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by WalkingForward, Jul 14, 2019.

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    I've long been very concerned about what others will think about me, I've been worried about being negatively judged. It's really been holding me back in life. It's been effecting my behavior in all sorts of ways.

    I just have to accept that, some people are going to judge me and make false assumptions about me. That's life, that's how it is. Especially given how divided and tribal people have become nowadays, it is completely unavoidable. You cannot please everybody.

    I cannot control what others think. If people are judging me, that is their problem.

    And yes, I'm probably also overestimating how much others are thinking about me.

    If someone is preoccupied with judging/making assumptions about people. That is an unhealthy mindset that is going to cause them problems. It is their problem, not the people they are preoccupied with.
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    Yeah some folks are just dicks. Life is too short to worry about them.
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  3. Heck we can judge and make assumptions about people judging and making assumptions about people. It’s a catch 22 like going on Facebook to complain about how all people do is complain on Facebook.
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    You're clearly far too meta for me...
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    You're judging / making the assumption that other people are judging / making assumptions about you.

    If you like who you are, what does it matter?

    Why the need to make sure everyone understands you properly and why does everyone have to like you?

    It's an immature and illogical mindset.

    Focus on being who you want to be.

    Rejection and misunderstandings are inevitable.
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