Some Pornstars Deserve Compassion Too

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  1. Not too much. But I do wonder what a porn star does after they stop. I know Crissy Moran eventually worked in retail after she stopped doing porn.
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    True story: Crissy and I went to the same church in Hollywood for a while. I realized it when I went to an Easter service at the Universal Ampitheater and she sat right in front of me. Suffice to say it was hard to concentrate on the service.
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    Those documentaries "After Porn Ends" 1 & 2 answer that question somewhat. The short answer is that they do many different things. Some look back on their porn past with a sense of 'the glory days,' and some look back and see nothing but destructive behavior and emptiness. It really runs the gamut. Most of them--particularly the women--end up in careers where their porn past offers a sense of novelty, like DJ'ing or writing or something.
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  4. This video is amazing!!
    Thanks for sharing.
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    Actually, a whlie back I was doing some research and found out someone had done a massive survey on porn stars and various aspects of their lives.

    They discovered that despite popular belief things like drug and childhood sexual abuse were about the same as in the general population.

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