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    I don't want to hasten to come to conclusions too soon, but I will post some thoughts and feelings after 18 days of abstaining from PMO, just for the record, in case this can help others, and because I started off from a very skeptic point and I might be moving a little bit towards credulity.

    I have found extremely easy to stay clean, and I think that is because there are some real problems in my life —which I have explained in another posts– and I will do whatever it takes to fix them. And for now, that means giving an earnest chance to NoFap.

    On day 14 I noticed a different touch on my skin, like smoother, specially on the hands and face, and it's been like that since then.

    I have read that prolactin lowering its level after a couple of weeks is responsible for the above. And lower prolactin causes higher dopamine and less stress. I feel calmer in the last few days.

    The body goes naturally through cycles and the changes here reported may be just part of the ordinary up and downs associated to that. They are just a little bit extraordinary for me in their magnitude. I hope they will keep the positive tendency.

    I didn't feel any superpower, i.e. I don't feel women look at me more, I don't feel specially horny, confident or energetic, etc.
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    In 18 days you cannot notice women looking at you, you need at least 40 to 60 days of nofap to reach that point, if you're already insanely popular or you don't go outside you probably won't notice anything even after that.
    From 0-15 you must've experienced higher anxiety,
    From 15 onwards you'll start to get better at everything, you'll have much more patience, energy and intelligence
    From 30 onwards you become reliable, people start looking up to you, brain fog starts to disappear, you may notice girls staring at you (if you had fewer days with nightfall)
    After 45 at some day you'll reach your peak (people talk about stagnation) that day you'll notice girls staring at you for no reason, and they'll laugh on all your jokes.
    You'll have high energy and you'll find people around you low on energy and listening to you keenly.
    I haven't gone far from that point, but people say you start caring about your family after 90 days and become a lovable cheerful person.

    All this is generalised.
    All the best!
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    One of the problems that led me to this forum is anxiety. But from days 0-15 I didn't experience higher anxiety, just the normal one.

    Maybe some people experience higher anxiety because they crave porn and masturbation. I do not.

    But your projections are very motivating. I hope they will be fulfilled. For now it is just a promise. It needs to be better.
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  4. As someone who is on a 90+ day streak i can tell you nofap absolutely works 100%, how i was before i started and how i am now are totally different people, my mad confidence, my low anxiety and depression compared to very high, my sexual energy is through the roof, my morning wood is rock hard compared to never having any, there are so many benefits to nofap bro. You wont have woman notice you till like 1 month in, they notice you more when you become more confident in yourself and your communication abilities improve naturally with the reboot, and if you are like me totally oblivious to women, chances are they are checking you out but you are in your own head not noticing. And superpowers are simply the things pmo took away from you being given back to you.
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    I'm really happy for you. I hope you keep it up, and I hope it works for me too!
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