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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by numpty, Dec 21, 2015.

  1. numpty

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    So morning at work; hair down and looking trampy and an attractive girl from my old section walks in my section (never seen her do this) she checks me out. 30 secs later walks back out checks me again!

    A quick short visit? Hmm

    Anyways, lunchtime so 5-6 women check me out.

    Buying lunch and the woman serving me tells me to enjoy my day and lunch.... she didn't say this to those behind or in front of the queue!

    What a lovely day lol!

    Enjoy this. This is the new pleasure!

    Best thing? No precum leaks! Didn't get any boners let the prick sleep ! Better results when its asleep! Haha
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    Good Stuff :)
    I'm having continued little successes too... lots of eyeballing when out and about, a promising drink/date with a woman over xmas and a woman at work asking me what i was up to this evening. after earlier in the day showing me a full fontal view of her xmas jumper lol. "what do you think to this" . Taking with a pinch of salt at the moment but loving every interaction lol
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  3. numpty

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    Haha you're a badman! I would use more English words but don't want to get in the bad books of mods lol!

    Yeah I am loving it (once again) ! Thank God! :)

    Indigestion has gone down considerably the stomach cramps have disappeared! They did last time too but came back due to MO / E!

    Loving this form of life; be happy, feel happy, look happy and let women ogle and think who's he what's up with him !

    From experience (twice now, maybe thrice) the days that immediately follow urge days (were u don't relapse but go through that "agony") are full of joy and excitement.

    On the other hand i have experienced the days that have followed were i have MO and they have been shitter than shit!

    Voila start 2016 happy and end it happy!
  4. Stoic

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    omg im on that urge days, its so hard to be mentally strong.Its like 2 voices on your head HOLY SHIT!
  5. numpty

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    Whats your streak?

    Lets say it's 25 days

    Ask yourself do you want to waste 25 days and take another 25 days to get back to here? In fact it may take you 50 days to get back here or even 100 because if you start binging you're fucked! I reached 37 days around Oct 11 am at 25ish at Dec 21! Look at that! 2+ months and am still not at my best!

    Instead you can double up to 50 days by not fapping!

    How many times have you fapped off and ruined a streak? When do you want to put an end to this? By fapping you will prolong this!

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