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    Let me introduce myself: name is oil, from some place in Europe.

    I had a struggle with porn addiction for a long time, and, with the help of Gary Wilson's videos, the nofap community and a relationship with not too much sexual intercourse including ED, I made it. Overcame porn. Bit by bit. Inch by inch.

    Later, I managed to cut down fapping. Did the 90 days challenge, made it to 120 or so.

    I did, however, from time to time stumble upon pictures (was able to avoid vids almost always, and when I would end up near them I did thank god have the balls to close the browser and leave either the room or just play a game). sometimes when urges hit I would just whack off. No regrets, but still thinking: come on, was that really necessary? followed by: ok, I might feel relieved, but not necessarily better.

    OK, now I don't feel like having super powers. but what I can tell is that my life has become much more successful. Not at the first sight, but with many small improvements. I meditate a little more, train a little more (I'm a kung fu and ninjutsu martial artist), and have a little more money. Got myself an app called Money Control (iOS). Found the hint on nofap. Works awesome.

    I was able to achieve this taking small steps, after reading the right books. It started with Roy Baumeister's book about discipline. This led me to Getting Things Done by David Allen (I'm a huge fan of this one). It gave me a whole lot of insight. The hint to finding Roy Baumeister's book? guess what. found it in the forums of nofap.

    So I managed to clear my mess once and for all. I somehow managed to keep it that way for months now. Managed to impress my girlfriend. oh, and talking about her: since I started this NoFap thing, we have way more sex. I don't know if the article was on 9gag or on some other viral online-news-page. But the headline said: Wanking or Sex. You can't have both. Period.

    When I read it I had overcome my problems for quite some time, so I could read it like a boss, thinking: yep, that's it. The nofap community was mentioned in the article, by the way.

    What I did, after some thinking: got rid of my car. I just own a moped. period. Saves me approx. 300$ per month. that's a whole lot of money. It's tough in the European winter, but I prefer a little discomfort over paying 300 bucks for something I don't really need. My workplace is just 10 minutes (driving) away. 20 minutes to my parent's place. Next year I'll get myself a licence for a regular bike so I can go to places a little faster.

    so, overall: more training, more money. more focus on stuff, plus, I'm much more organised than I used to be.

    and yeah, I owe it to this community. Came for the challenge, stayed for the support and lasting life improvement.

    you might want to try these websites (check them out and read them regularly):
    check out their respective facebook sites as well.

    that's it. nuff said. Keep improving your lives. you deserve it.

    oh, and before I forget it: stay clean!
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    Congratulations! I'm currently improving my life as well. I quit porn but I'm having a hard time quitting MO. I hope in a few months I will get rid of this bad habit.

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