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    I was remembering what I did in my last successful streak (41 days hardmode) and I came to an odd conclusion (at least for me). Being alone was pretty darn effective. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't completely isolated, I used to workout 3x a week while spending a lot of time alone and it worked! My family even said that I was more happy than usual, they were glad this happened. Although, they never liked my hobbies, as I'm really into firearms and for them this topic is still a taboo. They forced me to curb my enthusiasm for guns while making me expand my social circle against my will. In other words, "shape me like they see fit". And guess what, I was dumb enough to follow this. The results? Relapse after relapse and an even smaller social circle. It brought me down real good. And it got worse when I talked to them about my addiction, as an attempt to solve the problem. Got yelled at and things got really messy (I talked to them in a very respectful manner, just to be clear). After all this incidents, I came to my senses and I'm gonna do what I did last time I had success with nofap. I hope it works. Thanks, fellas. Wish y'all the best on your journey as well, stay strong.

    (wrote this as a relapse prevention, my thoughts want to mess me up. Not gonna let them.)

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