Someone help! Just relapsed again...

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by snowflake123, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. snowflake123

    snowflake123 Fapstronaut

    Fucking hell!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh damn it I just ducking relapsed after 17 days clean! Damn it it can't do it! I'm so fucking weak! I'm so pissed off at myself right now! I'm a no good sack of shit! Damn it I'm worthless! Why can't I beat this addiction? Why is it so hard? What do I need to do??? I'm struggling so bad right now!
  2. janu11

    janu11 Fapstronaut

    No. No, you are not. You, sir, are a wonderful person who has achieved significant things in his life and will continue to do so. You are somebody who was able to continue for 17 days and not give up for those 17 days; it's a good start. Now, reset the clock, get back on that horse and focus on doing the best you can, or atleast beating this record you've just made for yourself, and not beating yourself off instead ;)
  3. coolmike87

    coolmike87 Fapstronaut

    Hey man. I relapsed after 64 days of no PMO. Check out my last entry to my journal. Its a very different approach to a relapse. Don't beat yourself up. I know it sucks. Just like you I really thought I had this thing beat. Its a very long journey and we can relapse at any time... You've got this. Goodluck brother.
  4. Z_the_B

    Z_the_B Guest

    Humans are prone to making mistakes. Although I personally consider relapse as a failure nowadays because that helps me beat this addiction by being strict with myself, I assure you, one single relapse is far better than a binge. So relax. Start nofap again. Beating addictions isn't so easy but it isn't that tough either
    One of the things that helped me yesterday when I got an urge was, I asked myself why did you join ?
    Forget that question. What does nofap even mean? Nofap is abstaining from masturbation porn and artificial stimuli as a way of life. All the time I spend on this forum is to succeed at this thing. But if I relapse or keep relapsing, then I am better off without posting anything here and I would rather go back to my pmo lifestyle here than waste my time and others time. This site is here for a reason. It believes in a simple idea: nofap. And all the time you spent here will go for naught if you r trying to beat this addiction from a long time or if you keep relapsing.
    We came here with a purpose. A decision. I have never respected my decisions. That is where I always go wrong.
  5. willme

    willme Fapstronaut

    Just relax. If you did it, then its only natural. Tell yourself that you are now going to increase your will power even more.

    We are in this challenge together. :)
  6. darth

    darth Fapstronaut

    I feel like you do - ahhh! fuck! I've stopped and started over and over, always undoing my success after a certain goal had been achieved. 8 days is a celebration! (a wanking). I want to stop, I want the porn addiction to be gone from my life. It has compromised me and I have two selves: one I like and one I hate.
  7. Audaz

    Audaz Fapstronaut

    17 day is a good streak.Flatter yourself like i can do better i have done 17 days when lots of guys can't even make a week. ( It is true tough ) Surpass your record but ejaculate without P.

    Best of luck.
  8. Dont do as I've done the last week. Keeping yourself busy is a key to stay away from relapse as I did tonight.
    Besides, it took me about 6 months to go 17 days without any MO so dont beat yourself up. Thats a pretty good start. You should be proud, even tho it might not feel that way right now but you're going strong without even knowing about it.

    Keep it up and you might even beat this addiction before I do.
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  9. ADC

    ADC Fapstronaut

    True words. I definitely think that keeping yourself busy is the key to beat the urges and stuff. Trying to create your new "lifestyle" where there is not even time to think about PMO.
    (also I think that, when you go out, forcing yourself not to stare at girls is something good, I'm doing this)
  10. Thats very smart! gonna start doing that myself even tho that might be more difficult that the actual PMO addiction ive got.

    Remember, you have to walk up on the mountain before you can walk down from it. Its hard at first but then it'll get easier.
  11. BreakingFAP

    BreakingFAP Fapstronaut

    I feel for you man! I've been a part of Nofap for about three months and the longest I've went without PMO is 17 days. I just keep coming back. Hopefully over time and with the support of this community, we will overcome!
  12. LastChanceJhon

    LastChanceJhon Fapstronaut

    You are not alone. You are me.
    My longest Nofap is 30days. I'm 39 year old with daugter.
    I feel like my life is miserable.
    I have been struggling with myself for over decade.
    So I know what you exactly mean.

    When you did fapping last time, what made you do that?
    Wasn't it your anger???
    Anger to your wife or your world isn't it?
    In my case, anger is the big trigger. It is so powerful.

    You are not alone. Let's get out of this hell together.


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