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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Yash2304, Nov 25, 2017.

  1. Yash2304

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    So I'm 52 days into NoFap, and yes I have had 3 wet dreams so far, but latest one (last night) was an odd one. I was guilty.. in my dream! so could it be that wet dreams can deplete dopamine too? Does that mean is counts as a relapse?

    Ps. my tag might be wrong if it says 137 days lol
  2. TodayBeforeTomorrow

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    I believe it should not count as a relapse. I've read somewhere that dreams are a by-product of the mind discarding thoughts. Battling addiction is largely about controlling behavior, and we do not have direct control of our dreams. What I would take away from is it that your addict mind is very much still around and you don't want to let your guard down. BTW, congratulations on your 52 day streak. Hope you have felt some benefits.
  3. @Yash2304

    Wet dreams are out of your control, and are not a relapse. Congrats on the 52 days. Avoid sexual thought as much as possible, during the reboot. You are correct, you are attempting to avoid a dopamine rush a much as possible in that time frame, and sexual thoughts are what lead to that.

    Keep going. Porn is not an option.

    Much love.

    Will I AM.
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  4. Thomas1987

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    I agree with William. Dreaming is out of our control. You can't penalise yourself for something that's out of your control.

    You didn't relapse.
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  5. yeah wet dreams is not a relapse!
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  6. Gnathan

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    deep down you know it is NOT A RELAPSE. it is your brain trying to trick you into thinking its a it can make you watch PMO again....its trying to trick you into thinking its a relapse so you feel guilty and ashamed and it weakens you control system like that....which eventually leads to another dont let it fool you. it is def not a relapse....keep going strong.
  7. wudong

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    wet dreams is not a relapse! 不要自责,我们不能控制梦,但是wet dreams 也说明自己的潜意识还需要被清理,加油,继续远离色情,有一天会成功的,另一方面,我要提醒您的是:wet dreams 会导致自己的欲望变强,一定要注意控制好自己的心。 相信您可以的!加油!!!来自一名中国男孩的建议。
    Don't blame yourself, we can't control the dream, but the wet dreams also show own subconscious also need to be clear, come on, continue to stay away from pornography, you will be successful one day, on the other hand, I want to remind you is: wet dreams will lead to own strong desire, must pay attention to control your own heart. Believe you can!men!!!!!! ——Advice from a Chinese boy.
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  8. TimeToQuitNow

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    I wouldn't call it relapse because you can't control it and NoFap is about self control
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